Signatures, signatures, signatures – what’s special about how you write your name

How you write your name is very significant. It is, if anything, more significant than how you write the rest of your writing. It gives different information about you than your other writing does.

So what’s does it matter whether the writing is in the signature or elsewhere? What difference does it make?

The body of your writing – in other words, all your writing that is not part of the signature – tells about the person are at heart. This is the real you.

Your signature is your “on show” personality. It is the face you show the world.

If the two are the same, then you are a “what you see is what you get” type of person. If they are different, then the difference has to be analyzed to see in what way your public personality is different from your private one.

Some people have an understandable reason to put on a show. They are in a “show business” such as actors and musicians, also politicians at all levels and anyone who’s work or life has them constantly in the public eye.

This can also apply to people who’s work requires them to be very outgoing and make many personal connections, when in reality they are quiet and retiring.

These people often develop a signature that fits who they want the world to see them as.

For the rest of us, it’s generally better to just be ourselves. To let others see who we are and take us or leave us, based on that.

So the first thing to look at in a signatures is whether it is the same or different than your other writing.

For more on signatures, visit where you will find a free “Analyze Your Signature Quiz” and where the “Signature Analysis Workbook” is also available.