A very important line – the Underscore

The Underscore is a very important line.


I am often asked why some people underline their signatures and others don’t, and what is the significance of an underscore.

Done “right” the underscore is a great trait to have. However, not all underscores are great!

A single line under the name, going from left to right is great. It is the trait of self reliance. This writer will not lean on any one else, and is less likely therefore to blame others for any misfortunes that may befall him.

A good, firm, long underscore is best.

Any ornate, squiggly or fancy underline loses it’s power, and may mean any of several things, depending upon it’s shape and style: none of them as good as the single underscore.

An underline that is high enough to score out part of the name, is also not positive.

So, yes, do underline your signature. But also make sure it’s just that single, direct line that says “I’m going places.”

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Fiona MacKay Young