Changing your signature

If you feel like changing your signature and carefully creating a new one for yourself, do so.

How will that affect who you come across as in signature analysis?

Well, obviously that depends on what changes you make, but for you to be comfortable with your new signature, it will have to be compatible with who you are.

So it may look different to you, but analyze out the same. This is perfectly possible, and not at all uncommon.

Or you may have outgrown your previous signature. We all change as we go through life, and if you have changed in some way and your previous signature just doesn’t feel right any more, then by all means create something that feels good.

If it comes easily to you after a bit of practice (to undo the habit of your old signature) and feels good, it means it reflects who you are now, so go for it.

Of course, if you change your signature noticeably, it is best to notify your bank and anywhere else where they compare signatures, but from the graphology perspective, it’s OK to do anytime it feels right.