Help with Hiring the Right Person

Handwriting analysis shows the complete personality. If focuses on the “soft” skills (those difficult to measure because you can’t see, feel or touch them. For example, communication skills or organizational ability)

In Europe approximately 90% of employers use graphology as a tool in the hiring process. In Israel it is unusual for anyone to get hired without having their handwriting analyzed.

For example, are you looking for someone who is very outgoing and chatty, say a sales person or customer service representative? Then you want right slanted writing and open circle letters (a, o, and g)

Or is it a computer programmer you want, who will quietly sit at the computer and get on with his or her work? In that case, you want small writing, with i-dots close to the top of the i-stem, and preferably upright or even slightly left slanted writing.

Hiring the Right Person the First Time: What you really want to know about your job applicants makes handwriting analysis a tool available to help you with your hiring.

Read it all, or just zero in on the qualities and personality traits you are seeking.

It can save time, money and frustration by helping you hire the right person the first time.