But I was taught to write this way…

We were all taught to write at one time. We were taught a particular style, depending on where we were living. We copied from books and from the teacher’s writing, trying our best to make our writing look the same.

Fine. But what age were you then?

Do you still do everything else as you had to do it then?

No, of course you don’t.

You have taken over your own life, kept what fitted, and discarded or changed the rest.

And so it is with your writing.

If you still have strokes in your writing the same as you were taught as a child, you have them because they fit who you are as a a person. The ones that didn’t fit, you have changed.

Remember, you are not looking at the style of writing, but at the specific strokes within the writing.

I have often been told by people that they still write this way because they were taught to do it this way. And yet, upon looking at their writing, I have yet to find an adult who writes exactly in any way taught in schools.

So don’t just think “I was taught” and instead look deeper. Look at each individual stroke, and find out what really ticks inside you. The only person who genuinely writes exactly like your teacher is your teacher.


Sign on the dotted line – Signatures

Sometimes you will find, at the end of an official form, a line on which you are requested to sign your name.

How do you use that line?

Do you carefully sign on the line, making sure you start at the beginning and cram it in if necessary to finish by the end of the line?

If so, you are showing respect for authority and conventionality.

Do you sign somewhere around the line, but pay little attention to following it or where you finish, and perhaps even run your writing over some of the printed text nearby?

You are showing independence and something of an “I’ll do it my way” mind set.

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My signature changes

But my signature changes, you say.

Well, yes, we are not machines, and just as your behavior will change somewhat depending on your mood and situation, so will your writing.

Just as if I took a photo of you today and another of you tomorrow – they wouldn’t be identical, but they would both still be recognizable as you.

So it is with your signature. Core personality traits will always remain the same, but your mood, your level of expression, the time and care given to the writing will all change how your signature looks.

But remember, when you are analyzing writing, you are not looking at the writing style, you are looking at strokes within the writing, and these will more or less stay the same.

If for example, your signature slants more to the right one day and more upright another, it just means that on the day you right slanted it you were feeling more outgoing, more emotionally responsive than on the day you wrote it upright.

It doesn’t mean you weren’t you on either of these days, it was just a different situation.

So don’t worry if your signature, or any of your writing, is not the same all the time. This is known as being human!

For more on signatures check out the Signature Analysis Workbook.


Be optimistic!

Be optimistic!

At just about any time of year, it’s hard to be optimistic with all the doom and gloom coming over the airwaves.

However things will be no better just because you are feeling down, so why not try to look ahead with hope.

No matter how black things are, there is always hope and by seeking it out, you will feel better and go farther.

Optimism can become an intergral part of your signature very easily. Continue reading