What happens when I change my name?

Whether you change your name because you are getting married and have decided to take your husband’s name, or changing it for some other reason, provided you are happy with the new name, it will show the same qualities as your previous name.

Obviously some letters show specific things, and if you had a great many lower case “t”s in your previous name and none in your new name, then the qualities shown only in the lower case “t” would not be evident in your new name. This doesn’t mean you don’t have them any more, it just means the appropriate letter is not there, so those qualities cannot be evaluated from your new signature.

If you are unhappy with your new name, or if you were unhappy with your old name (say it was your spouse’s surname and you are very happy to no longer be married) then you can expect to see that change. Happy in upslanting writing, unhappy in downslanting writing. Occasionally a score through the name you didn’t like, in the form of a flourish or extended t-bar.

But even so, the basic personality will still be the same.

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