Handwriting analysis and stress reduction

These are stressful times for many of us and we have all probably heard the standard ways of coping with it: exercise, eat right, get enough sleep etc.

But here is a way you may not have thought of … and it’s worth your while to try it because it really does work wonders.

Use your handwriting to reduce your stress.


Take a clean sheet of paper, and a pen you like (or a pencil) and just fill the page with gently flowing “e”s.

Choose your favorite color of paper, felt pen or crayon if your visual.

You cannot be stressed or angry and write soft edged “e”s at the same time, and once this exercise has taken you away from your troubles for a while, it will be easier to look at things objectively and take things more easy.

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Signature Analysis: writing high flying, long tails on your name

What does it mean when the tail on your first name goes way high above the rest of the lower case letter? If this only occurs in that name alone it means it’s very personal. If it occurs elsewhere too, it means it’s a more general trait evident most of the time.

That high flying end stroke is a cry for attention. It’s like waving your arm in the air saying “notice me, notice me.” Put more diplomatically is shows that you like recognition when you believe you deserve it.

Either way, you want to be noticed.

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