Job Fit free chapter: how to choose the right/write job for your personality

Job Fit free chapter: how to choose the right/write job for your personality

Job Fit free chapter: Don’t just find a job, choose the right/write job.

Handwriting Analysis shows your personality. Your personality denotes what type of work you are best suited to, and will most enjoy. So Job Fit and the Job Fit free chapter make perfect sense by analyzing your personality so you can find the ideal job for you.

Do you lose track of time and space as you concentrate on work? Or do you take in all your surroundings and enjoy and variety of constant interruptions and a busy, even hectic environment?

If your writing is small you prefer to get on with what is in front of you, to shut out distractions, and concentrate.

If your writing is large, you are quite happy to deal with a constantly changing situation, enjoying the coming and going of happenings and would not at all like to be sat down in front of a computer to type, in solitary silence all day.

Does that above right true for you – whether your writing is large or small? Can you relate it to other people you know?

That is just one small item from the many traits that affect how you work and what type of work will suit you best.

Do you make ‘even connectives’ (straight lines joining two or letters)? Or do you make your lower case ‘r’s with a flat top? If so, you will probably enjoy work that uses your hands skillfully.

Do you get emotionally involved or can you distance yourself from your emotions if necessary? Do you feel and or show sympathy easily? Do you enjoy relating to others or prefer being alone?

There are so many questions to ask when choosing the ideal work, and this book helps you find them, without prejudice, without feeling you are either blowing your own horn and being egotistical or downplaying your strengths. Your writing shows both your strengths and weaknesses as they really are – not as either you or someone else rates them. It is unbiased and so can help you where more emotionally involved ways canno.

We are very excited to introduce a new Ebook: Job Fit and to offer our readers a free sample of what’s inside.

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