Signature Analysis: what is special about your signature

So why is a signature so special?

What does a signature analysis tell you that analyzing the rest of your writing will not?

Your signature is very personal. It is the face you show the world.  It is what you want people to see you as.

The body of your writing (ie the other writing rather than your signature) is the real you.  The signature is your public face.

It is often the only writing someone ever sees of yours.  It makes an impression, just like any other body language makes an impression.  Your signature often makes the first impression someone will have of you, and first impressions are very hard to break.

So what should you look for when considering how to sign your name?

Just be natural, be yourself. That is after all the best way to be in most situations.

Signatures that are the same as the rest of the person’s writing mean “what you see is what you get” – there is no pretense here, I am just me.

If you want to communicate, make your signature legible.

An illegible signature – no matter what excuse you offer for it – means a lack of the desire to communicate.signature sample2

You’re writing – this is a communication tool – so communicate.  Write your name so it can be read.

People sometimes say that they write their name illegibly to avoid forgery.


Think of who is most often going to check your signature for forgery.  It is going to be the bank clerk or someone working in a financial institution.

The clerk in the grocery store checking your credit card against your signature on the receipt doesn’t matter, because if necessary you can probably pull out a drivers’ license to convince her.

So the bank clerk is looking at your signature.

She sees an indecipherable squiggle and has to compare that to another indecipherable squiggle on your records.

What point of reference does she have?


She just has to do the best she can to check if the squiggles are the same.

However that same bank clerk with your legible signature on both check and records can take each letter of your name, if necessary, as a point of reference to identify if each is the same on both.

Since she recognized the letters she has a point of reference and it is much easier for her to identify if this is indeed your writing or not.

So no excuses.  When you write your name, write your name – not a glorified squiggle, no matter how creative you think it looks!

There is a great deal more to signatures of course, besides just whether they are legible. 

You can even entertain your friends with a Signature Game.

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