Your Attitude Shows

Your attitude can make you or break you.  It can make your relationships, your job, your life.  It can also break all of the above.

Attitude is a choice.  It doesn’t matter what your circumstances.  You can still choose to have a good attitude.frog attitude

Victor Frankl, who was a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp wrote that “the only thing they could not take away from us was our attitude.”

But so many people do allow life to rob them of their positive attitude.

You can tell attitude, positive and negative, from handwriting.

1. A positive attitude shows in firm, straight strokes to the baseline, that end there without curving or bending.  An example of this would be a lower case “t” that just goes down in one straight line then stops, and the t-bar is added in a separate stroke.  It can appear in many letters, but is very evident in the “t”.

2. Another positive attitude trait is optimism. Optimism is taking a good “slant” on life.  It is finding the good and the hopefulness in circumstances which at times can be less that desirable.  It helps other people see things positively too.  Optimism shows in upward slanting lines of writing, or upward slanting t-bars.

3. It is hard to be enthusiastic in any way other than positive, so add enthusiasm to your list of positive attitude traits.  The enthusiastic person can find the good, the exciting, the benefits in whatever attracts this feeling to them. This trait, so many others, shows in the lower case “t”, where the t-bar is long and sweeping.  The longer it is the more enthusiasm is shown.jump-enthusiasm

4. High goals, which my definition mean high expectations, help the attitude too, in that you have confidence and belief that you can do what you set out to do.  High goals show in t-bars that are written high on the t-stem.

Are you noticing a trend here?  Not only is everything we’re discussing here shown in the lower case “t”, but the wording in general English to describe the trait also describes how it shows in writing.

When you’re feeling “up” (optimistic) your writing slant up. When you’re feeling optimistic your t-bars are long and sweeping and that is exactly what your enthusiasm does to others – is sweeps them along with it.

And when you have high goals your t-bars are flying high along with your goals and hopes.

So just work on these lower case “t”s.  Make them straight and firm, for positivity.  And make the t-bars long and sweeping, upward slanting, and high on the t-stem.

Handwriting is body language.

Change your writing, keep changing it till the change becomes natural, and you will change that trait, or traits, in your personality.

The other bonus that comes from this form of personal development is that is you start to slip into your old ways, your handwriting will start to show it before it appears in your behavior. This allows you early warning that your old habits are re-emerging, and you can decide to work on them again to keep things how you want them.

It’s not a new saying, but it is a true one.  Attitude is everything.

Attitude is most definitely a Success Trait.

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You may notice some clear connections between attitude and motivation.

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