Career Changers and Job Seekers with Personality

How can Handwriting Analysis help Career Changers and Job Seekers?

The answer is yes.  Definitely. Absolutely. Without Doubt. Yes.  Here’s a taste of what to look for…

It is a well known fact that you will do a better in a job if it is a fit not only with your skills, education and experience, but also a fit with your personality.

There are many profiles that will assist you in choosing a career based on personality, but they are all general.

You usually end up with a “type” or a “color”, and from that you read your way through list of possible jobs.

Although I do like such profiles to give someone with no idea what they want to do, a starting point from where to proceed, I absolutely love the “fine tuning” qualities that Handwriting Analysis brings to career planning/ job selection.

There are hundreds of personality traits you can tell from handwriting. Here are just two and how they can help you with career choice.

Is your writing very small, medium in size, or large?

The smaller the writing the more the writer shuts out the world and concentrates on the matter in hand.

So if your writing is very small you will do best in a job where this is a necessary trait.  There are of course many, but some that would fit the bill would be engineering, mathematician or accountant, computer programmer.

For those with large writing, you do not like to have to concentrate closely on one thing for a long time, but you do deal well with distractions and interruptions.  So a job that involves an ever changing scene such as reception, information center, creative arts etc. could be possiblitiies.

Medium size writing can cope to some extent with both, so a mid-way choice requiring some concentration but also some relief and variety.  Most office jobs include this, and many others besides.

Does your lower case “p” have a loop on the stem?

If so, and especially if all your lower case “p”s are the same, then you enjoy being physically active and will probably not be happy sitting behind a desk or at a computer all the time.

There are other traits to take into account too for each of these situations, but your hand writing can show you with extreme accuracy what type of work will suit you and what are your workplace Stressors.

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