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Question: What writing do you see most of anyone’s?

Answer: Their Signature.signature sample

If you are interested in having a signature that will come out tops in a signature analysis, you need to know what strokes will help you and why.

But before I get into anything more on that, I would like to point out that this is not an exercise in deception.  Rather it is an exercise in personal development because of the influence of your writing on your subconscious.

Writing is body language.  It is often described as “brain writing”.  How you write comes from within.

Some things change, such as feeling up or down, relaxed or tense, just as they change in your day to day life.

Some things, your core being, either doesn’t change or changes much more slowly, as befits your most deep seated beliefs about yourself and life in general.

One of the ways we change our core beliefs and actions that result from them, is to deliberately start behaving in the way that the new belief would have us believe.

For example, if you have a total lack of confidence in yourself, if you practice and then deliberately start acting with more self confidence in your daily life, you will find that the real confidence develops and you become the person you were “acting.”

The handwriting component of this type of personal development is called Graphotherapy. But to put it in a nutshell, you become who you write.

Change your writing and you will change your life.

Yes, it is true, and yes it really does work.

So with that in mind, if you change your signature to be who you want to be, and keep writing it that way, you will become that person… in public.

The signature is your public persona.  The rest of your writing is the real you.

I knew a salesman many years ago who wrote his name in large, flourishing letters which demonstrated showmanship.  In public he was the consummate salesman.  Chatting to everyone, upbeat, outgoing and generally high profile.  That was his signature or public persona that was showing.

However the rest of his writing was small and the circles all tightly closed.  Someone commented to his wife at one time, that he must be lots of fun to be married to. She replied that at home he was quiet as a mouse, and tended to get absorbed in his hobby of reading mystery novels.  A perfect fit for that small, closed writing.   That was his private self showing.

So by all means create the signature you want for your life, but consider taking the personality traits you most want to add, and work them into the rest of your writing too.

What is a power signature?

Presumably one that will show personality traits that we usually connect with successful people.

It will depend what letters are in your name to some extent, as for example, the lower case “t” shows more than any other letter in the alphabet, but if you don’t have a lower case “t” in your name, you won’t be able to incorporate these traits into your signature.

All the more reason to work on all of your writing at once.

Another suggestion:  just try to change trait at a time.

Personal development and graphotherapy are just like everything else in life when it comes to trying to do too many things at once.  You will be more successful if you prioritize. Change one thing and once it is comfortably happening in your writing and in your life, you can then move on to another.

So what do you want to see in your signature?

1. Independence is often included as a success trait, and there are several strokes which show different forms of independence.

2. An underline show Self Reliance. You will stand on your own two feet and not lean on others.  A good, solid, sweeping underline is good.  Other types of underline have other meanings, so stick with just a heavy, long line.

3. Lower case “d” and “t” which have very short stems, going up less than twice the height of the other lower case letters shows Independent Thinking. An “I will go my own way and do my own thing” kind of person.

4. While talking about lower case “d” and “t”, here is something to remove from your power signature.  Loops on “d” and “t” indicate Sensitivity to Criticism and that can hold you back.  So no loops – they will hold you back.

Another type of independence shows in the personal pronoun “I”, but that cannot appear in a signature, we won’t address it here.

Once more, if you have that lower case “t” in your writing, check out my article on “Your Attitude Shows” as it covers enthusiasm, optimism and self motivation.

5. Optimism can show, even without the “t”, when your signature slants upwards to the right, but don’t make the slant too drastic as that gets into unrealistic optimism.

6. An upright slant will show you as someone who is Logical, Poised, cool, calm and collected.  A right hand slant will show you as someone who is Warm, Expressive and connected emotionally.  Which you choose depends on you.

7. Dot your “i”s if you want to bring Attention to Detail into your life.

8. Cross your lower case “f”s in the middle if you want to show Organizational Ability.

9. Legible signatures show people who are interested in Communicating, illegible shows the opposite.

Carry through or the ability to complete what you start is also a power trait and show in…

10. Persistence shows in anti-clockwise loops anywhere in writing.

11. Tenacity, of the ability to hang in there shows in hooks drawn at the end of a stroke, just before removing the pen from the page.

12. And Determination shows in long, firm, straight downstrokes on g,y,j and f.

So there you have some of the traits that will give you a power signature.  There are of course many more things that can be gleaned from analyzing signatures.

So “design” the signature that will help you make your mark on the world, and find it not only will show in the signature but in everything you do, think or say in your whole life.

Your handwriting is a powerful tool in programming your subconscious.

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