Graphotherapy – what is it?

Graphotherapy is the use of handwriting analysis, or graphology, for personal development, self growth: to change some aspect or aspects of your personality.

You may think how you write is a conscious choice, after all when you choose to do your “best” writing, it looks different from the quick scrawl you make as you take notes from a phone call.

But the changes you are making in that situation are purely cosmetic.  The strokes that show the individual personality traits lodged deep in your subconscious remain the same.

Graphotherapy works with the subconscious to make changes to those personality traits.

The good news is that you can do it yourself.  It’s free. You don’t have to bare your soul to anyone. You can do it where you like and when you like.  You can choose what you want to change and what you want to keep the same.

And compared with many other methods of self improvement, it can be fast.

It’s all done through your writing.

It involves daily writing exercises that will re-program you subconscious.

The subconscious is “programmed” by constant repetition at spaced out intervals. By that I mean that doing something 200 times in quick succession then never again will not re-program you subconscious.

But by doing something 200 times (this is not an arbitrary number, merely a random example of “many times”) over a period of several weeks or months, it becomes your new “norm” and once that has happened your subconscious has been reprogrammed.

So all you have to do is identify the strokes you need in your writing that will give you what you want, and start putting them in on a daily basis. And perhaps also identify which stokes to eliminate.

You may want to work with a qualified handwriting analyst on this, to understand fully what strokes to put into your writing, and to have checks done as you progress to make sure you are not self-sabotaging by adding other strokes to compensate for those you are removing.  But you can do it alone if you so wish.

However if you are a do-it-yourselfer be aware that whatever changes you make could in turn bring about other changes which you’re not expecting.  It is recommended that if you engage in serious personal development through graphotherapy that you work with a professional handwriting analyst as you go.

How does graphotherapy work?

Each stroke you make means something.  It connects to a personality trait, a habit, a way of being that is presently part of your personality make-up.

Sometimes there is more than one stroke that indicates the same, or very similar tendencies.  To add all the ones you want and replace all the ones you don’t want is the goal of graphotherapy.

I can tell you from first hand knowledge – from having used graphotherapy in my own life, and having assisted many others to use it in theirs – that this is a deceptively simple tool which wields an amazing amount of power.

Graphotherapy works!

It allows you to conscious reprogram your subconscious.

As you have gone through life, your life experiences have changed you.  It is unlikely that you are the same person today as you were 10 or 20 years ago, and it unlikely that another 10 or 20 years down the road, that you will still be the same person you are today.

This is because a change in your life sends repeated messages to your subconscious that things are different, and this spaced repetition programs your subconscious to accept the new state of affairs.

Graphotherapy does this consciously and deliberately but it is the same process. The same message being sent repeatedly to your subconscious until it accepts it as the norm.

This is the basis as the Law of Attraction.

One thing you can change with reasonable confidence on your own is making yourself feel happier.

If you are feeling down you may see your lines of writing going downhill.happy puzzle piece

Or perhaps you have a “roller-coaster” baseline, of a gentle up and down across the page.

Writing going downhill is sadness.

Writing going uphill is happiness, or optimism.  However take the optimistic dose with caution – too much of a good thing becomes a negative.So have your writing going gently uphill, not perpendicular!

If your writing is decidedly downhill, you can take it easy stages and just practice writing straight across the page until that becomes natural.  This has an added benefit in that straight-across-the-page writing is also an indication of being directed at your goals. Which you are.  You are directed at your goal of feeling happier.

Once you are writing straight, start slanting your writing uphill a little till that becomes comfortable.

T-bars slanted uphill also show optimism.  However t-bar slanted downhill do not mean pessimism, but instead, they mean the desire to take charge.  So you may want to up-slant your t-bars or you may not, depending how you feel about taking charge!

The theory of graphotherapy is to keep writing in a certain way until your subconscious accepts it as normal.

And one of the wonderful bonuses of using graphotherapy to change things in your life, is that if you start to slip back into your old ways, you will see it in your handwriting before you see it in your behavior. If you see this happening you can go back to your daily writing exercises again for a while until you get things back to where you want them to be.

It’s not really a part of graphotherapy, but, if you believe in Affirmations you can see how this can be considered a part of graphotherapy too.

Each time you practice your writing, you are deliberately making the particular strokes you have chosen to exact the changes you want to see.  You know what these strokes are, and you know what changes they are working with.

So each time you make the new stroke you are in a way giving yourself an affirmation that “I am…” whatever it is your new stroke is bringing to you.  For example, by making your writing go deliberately uphill, you are telling yourself “I am optimistic.”  This is your affirmation and it happens naturally as you do your writing exercises.

For those of you who have been reading this saying “I write the way I do because it’s how I was taught” …kids class

Quite bluntly, if you write exactly, every stroke, the way you were taught there is probably something drastically wrong with your emotional development!

But don’t be offended … I didn’t mean you, because although you may think you write the way you were taught I know you don’t!

The only person who can write exactly the way your 1st or 2nd grade teacher did is your 1st or 2nd grade teacher.

You did your best to copy. But your copy was imperfect even then.  And since then you have kept from that writing what is a fit for who you are as an individual, unique human being, and you have changed whatever did not fit.

You may have kept the overall style, but you do not write exactly as you were taught.  Trust me on this.  You just don’t.

So consider this powerful personal development tool of graphotherapy.  I can help you “be all you can be.”  It can help you “become who you want to be.”  And it can help you succeed in life in all the areas that mean success to you.

It’s an overused phrase, a cliché almost, but it’s true. Change you handwriting and you will change you life … just make sure you change it in the way you want!

Here is a free  E-booklet: Your Handwriting Tonic: A Pick-Me-Up. Pass it on – a smile is contagious.

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