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We all become de-motivated at times.  No matter how keen, how driven, how ambitious, life sometimes just gets on top of us and we find it hard to keep our enthusiasm.

Handwriting can help here, as it can in most areas of life.

Handwriting is body language.

To use other body language as a starting point: if you are feeling down and you spend the entire day going around with a big smile on your face, walking with a spring in your step, the chances are that by the end of the day you will be feeling much better.

It works the same way with handwriting.writing with glasses

Let’s say you are feeling unmotivated, just by deliberately writing with the motivational traits deliberately emphasized in your writing, you can start to feel much better.

So what are the motivational traits?

There are many, but for simpfication, and no-bother application, I am going to give you some which all fit into the t-bar.  That, in case you are unfamiliar with the term, is the cross-bar on the lower case letter “t”.

1. Optimism

If you have the feeling that things may well turn out OK, you have more energy to keep going.  To show optimism write lt-bars going uphill – slightly, not at a extreme angle (this is unlrealistic optimism).

2. Enthusiasm

Long sweeping t-bars show enthusiasm, so write something with a great many lower case “t”s in it, and make all the t-bars long.

So now your’re feeling happy and enthusiastic, let’s put it into action.

3. Self starting power, or will power

shows in strong heavy t-bars.  So to get all the enthusiasm and hope actually out there creating results for yourself, make these long, sweeping, upward-slanting t-bars heavy, dark and strong.

So there you have your tonic.

There are of course a great many traits that go into motivation and attitude, but these three because they all appear in the same stroke are quick and easy to remember and to do.

So next time you’re feeling down, get out your pen and start writing something – anything – with power t-bars.

Better yet, start doing it all the time – make it a habit.  Your writing influences your life, just as your mental attitude does.  Make sure it’s working for you not against you.

Your handwriting really can enhance your life.

Motivation, along with attitude, is an extremely important trait in becoming a success in life or work.

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