Handwriting Analysis is very Practical: here’s how

Why is this blog called “Practical” Handwriting Analysis?  Why not just Handwriting Analysis?

The Dictionary describes “Practical” in the following ways:

  • Adapted or designed for actual use; useful; practical instructions
  • Inclined toward or fitted for actual work or useful activities

That is my goal in Practical Handwriting Analysis:

  • To develop a blog that will highlight a show practical uses for Handwriting Analysis, for every-day people who are not necessarily trained handwriting analysts.

I want to give you the tools to use handwriting analysis in your “actual work or useful activities”.fyi pen

You may at some point have read a medical help book it was written (we hope) by a qualified physician.  But it was not for physicians.  And it was not to train you to become a physician.

It was intended to help you, the lay person, find out what you needed to know about some aspect of medicine that you could apply immediately to improve your life.

While not on quite the life and physical death scale of medical help, Practical Handwriting Analysis is designed with the same goal in mind.

It is designed to give the lay person (someone not trained in handwriting analysis) the information, the tools they need to apply handwriting analysis to improve their life.

It deals more with your emotional health, which in turn of course, can affect physical health.

Handwriting analysis is a branch of psychology and has been recognised as such by the US Congress, and is a readily available subject for study in many European universities.  It is a form of body language.

This blog is dedicated to bringing to you information about yourself, and about anyone else who’s writing you choose to examine, that will help you enhance and improve your life, through personal development and improved communication and understanding.

That is a lofty goal.  But it’s one that I have complete faith in being totally possible through the use of this remarkable science.

So that’s why it’s called “Practical” Handwriting Analysis.  I will bring you practical tips on how to identify what a writer is all about, and how to use that information positively.

And did I forget to mention that all this can be FUN?

Try this…. What you can tell about a person three feet away and upside down…

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