Be optimistic! Let your Handwriting help.

I was listening to an audio recently of Napoleon Hill’s classic  “Think and Grow Rich.”  There are recordings of parts of presentations he made to audiences, and in one he lists the top twelve things that you need to succeed.think and grow rich book

Attitude, he says, is number one.

So all this “attitude is everything” hype we hear nowadays is not even vaguely new. And I’m sure it goes back a long way before even Napoleon Hill.

I haven’t checked out Confucius on this topic, but I’m sure he probably had something very wise to say about attitude.

Your writing programs your subconscious, so by making sure a positive attitude always shows in your writing, you can genuinely enhance attitude, and once it is positive, keep it that way.

No matter how black things are, there is always hope and by seeking it out, you will feel better and go farther.

Optimism can become an integral part of your signature very easily.

Here’s how to write positively.

Any writing that goes “uphill” from left to right, or a t-bar that does the same, shows optimism.
optimistic signature
It’s a pretty easy thing to incorporate into your signature, or into all of your writing for that matter.

And it has the power to help you feel more optimistic for two reasons.

1. Handwriting is body language. If you go around all day every day with a big smile on your face, laughing and deliberately being upbeat, looking for every silver lining you can find, you will start to feel that way genuinely. In that same way, writing with optimism in your signature will give you the same type of a lift. You will begin to feel the uplift happy faceof your up slanting signature.

It will work no matter where it is in your writing, but your signature is more intensely personal, so it’s good place to start.

And the other reason is for you doubters, who really can’t believe that the previous paragraph is true.

2. You now know that up slanting writing is optimism, so any time you write that way you are going to register in your mind that you learnt that this is so.

So it becomes similar to an affirmation in that every time you write with an up slanting signature, you think to yourself “optimism”.

And what is even better is that it is a visual affirmation, and affirmations that you can visualize are always quicker and easier to realize with results.

So it works because handwriting

  • can change your attitude and your trait preferencest works
  • becomes an affirmation every time you write that way.

My challenge to you is that as of today you start writing your signature “uphill” and if you have any lower case “t”s in your name, give them an up slanting t-bar.

You have nothing to lose by doing so, and a great deal to gain.

Here’s more help on creating success for yourself.

So here’s to optimism and success.

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