10 Tips on Changing your Signature

I often receive emails from people who are considering changing their Signature and carefully creating a new one.

Is this a good idea?

That depends…

It can be a great idea, and a strong personal development tool.  But it has to be done with care.

Usually people want to do this for one of two reasons.

  1. They are worried about forgery and feel their present signature is too easy to copy
  2. They are very interested in personal development, and realizing the power in terms of personal growth that handwriting has on each of use.  These people want to be the best they can be and want to use their handwriting to help them.
    • If that is you, this is for you.

So here are 10 Tips for Creating a New Signature.

1. Create a signature that pleases you.

– That may seem obvious, but many people work on what they think their signature “should” look like, rather than on something that feels right and they like.

– Work on it, and keep going till you have something that pleases you visually, and that is comfortable to write.

2. Check out carefully what each stroke means.a hand writing

– People read body language without even realizing they are doing it

– Your handwriting, your signature is body language.

– Take the time to make sure it says what you want it to

3. Decide if this is what you want in your signature.

– If not, make changes to need to have the personality traits you want in your writing.

Or do it the other way around.

4. Find out enough about handwriting analysis so you understand how to show the personality traits you want into your writing.

  • If you don’t at present know exactly what these traits are, you’ll find you relate to some that you discover and decide, yes, this is what you want.

Never just make huge changes without knowing what it means.
That’s akin to taking huge doses of un-prescribed medicine without knowing what it is going to do to you.

5. Choose carefully and choose wisely.

  • Take the time to learn what is the meaning of the new signature you have created.
  • If you are doing this for personal development and self improvement it is worth taking the time to make sure you are developing and improving in the direction you intend!

You can make amazing, positive changes to your life by changing your signature.

6. Don’t do anything purely for show.

  • Know what it means, and only do it if that meaning is something you want for yourself.
  • If you want a showy signature, fine.  Just make sure it shows what you want it to show!

You can create an amazing signature with which you will be very happy, but take the time to understand as much as possible about it as you create it.

7. Make changes slowly.pen and line

  • If you only know one language at the moment, could you learn 6 more all at once?  Or would you have to take it one at a time?
  • It is the same with your writing.
  • You cannot change your personality overnight.
  • What do you most want to change?
  • Start with that and once it becomes comfortable, add something else.
  • That is a huge responsibility so treat it with respect
  • But if your new signature shows the person you want to be, then go for it.

Once you have decided what you want to change, here is how to go about doing it most effectively.

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