Fear of Success: Identified in 30 seconds flat!

Identifying Fear of Success: one quick, in fact instant, way is through handwriting.

There is one stroke in writing that is used in identifying this fear. success

If you have the stroke, you are afraid of success.

It’s as simple as that.

fear of success

Notice in the writing sample above, how the tails of the “y” and “g” droop downwards as they end.

This is the stroke we use to tell if fear of success is present.

The droop is not really pronounced, so although the trait is definitely present, it is not extremely strong.

Here is another example:

fear of success2

Although this is only one word, you can see that the droop on the tail of the “y” is much more pronounced than on the previous sample. This writer is more strongly afraid of success than the first writer.

Who suffers from the fear more frequently?

Well, in checking how much fear a writer has for success, as with any trait, the frequency with which it appears shows how frequently it will appear in the personality. So obviously, we would need much larger writing samples to make that evaluation on these two writers.

However, with just these tiny writing samples, we can definitely tell that both writers do get anxious and afraid at the prospect of succeeding.

Handwriting can help overcome negative traits and these two writers, should they wish, could eliminate this trait from both their writing and their personalities.

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