How will you remember?

Today is November 11. Called Veterans Day or Remembrance Day, depending upon where you live in.  remember
It is the day we remember those who sacrificed their lives in defence of their country.

Different people remember in different ways – just like they do most things in different ways.  Here are a few of the differences we show when remembering as shown in handwriting.

Those who write with heavy pressure, take things very much to heart, so it is a deep feeling with them and it will last and last.  For light pressure writers it is more of a passing thing – here today gone tomorrow.  They may feel intensely about something at the moment, but then they will be ready to let that pass and move on to something else.

Writers whose writing slants to the right will show how they are feeling at any given time.  It will not be hard to gauge their emotions because they are usually pretty much on display.  Conversely an upright writer, no matter how deeply or strongly they feel something, is unlikely to allow it to show.  They may well talk about it, but it is likely to be more factual, less emotion based.

The size of the writing indicates the degree of concentration the writer employs.  So a very small writer focuses intently on a narrower scope, whereas a large writer will encompass a wider range in their view.

Taking that in relation to remembering, the small writer will focus on November 11, and what it means and think about it, while the larger writer will notice what day it is, and what that means, but include that as part and parcel of a much wider range of things to think about.

Memory itself is shown in i-dots close to the top of the letter.

However, for many, the date in November is to remember the sacrifice our armed forces, and others, make for us in general, rather than going back to recount specific memories from our past.  We can count ourselves fortunate, as those who do indeed have memories to fall back on have a much more painful task on this day, and perhaps on many other days as well.

So on this special day of the year remember in your own way, but remember to whom we owe the life and lifestyles we enjoy.

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