Signature Analysis: Gaps between Names

Most people sign more than one name in their signature. It may be as simple as one initial and name, or it may be 3 or 4 names written out in full.signature

How many names you write and whether they are written out in full or just initials all has its own meaning.

For now, however, we will look just at the significance of the amount of space left between names, and whether it’s the same each time or not.

Spacing between names:

Look carefully at the spacing between each of the names. If there is just one name and an initial, or two names, then you only have that one space to go with, and the comparison can only be made between the spacing in the signature and the spacing in the rest of the writing.

However, that works too.

This tells even more:

It becomes even more informative when there are more than 2 names. 2 initials and a last name, 2 names and an initial, 3 names, or more. All of these give more than one space between name or initial.

Is the spacing consistent between all? Or is there a larger gap between one than others?

A larger space means distancing oneself.

So if, let’s say someone writes their first name, their middle initial, and then their last name with a larger space between the middle initial and the last name than there is between the first name and the initial.signature gap1

What does this tell?

The first name, and the middle initial is the individual person. It is the part of your name that belongs to you and you alone.  It may be a name passed down through your family, but it is not a name you are “landed with “ in the same way as you are landed with, or inherit, your family last name.

The exception here is if the middle name is that of a close relative after whom the person has been named. In that case, the middle name may be taken as representing that relative.

If your first name, the one by which you are usually addressed, is also that of a close relative, how you feel about yourself will be stronger and take precedence over how you feel about that person.

For example, let’s assume you are called Mary after your mother. You have a very bad relationship with your mother.  How you write Mary will still reflect how you feel about yourself, rather than your mother.

However, if your middle name is Mary, and you generally known by your first name of, let’s say, Jane, then things change.  Mary now is more closely associated in your mind with your mother than with you, so how you feel about that name reflects how you feel about your mother rather than your own self image.

The last name is always the family name and as such represents family in general. In the case of a married woman who has taken her husband’s name, it is still family, hers and his, since she is no longer writing the name of her own family at all.

How your feelings about yourself and your family show in writing.

If the last name is isolated by a wider than usual space from the rest of the name, the writer is distancing themself from family.

If the larger gap is between the first name and the middle name or initial (especially if this is named after a close family member) then the first name (ie the writer themself) is distancing themself from the family in general and also specifically from the person who’s middle name they were given.

Signatures and your “married” name:

It can be a sign of trouble in a marriage when a larger than previous gap starts to appear regularly before the last name, whether in a man or woman’s signature.

This can be even more apparent where the woman, upon getting married, kept her own last name and hyphenated it with her husband’s. So Jane Smith married John Johnson and took the name of Jane Smith-Johnson.

If she starts writing Jane Smith ….followed by a larger gap before Johnson, there is trouble in paradise.

Spacing is something that’s easy to overlook, but can give very important information.

Find out more about analyzing signatures.signature2

Signatures give important information about writers, but it can also be fun!

For a group you can try the Signature Party Game.  There are several ways to use it, all instructions included, where you or your guests analyze their signatures and find out, in a light hearted, fun way, what they are giving away each time they sign their name.

Another way to entertain your friends using their handwriting, is Treats ‘n Traits. Your guests can analyze their, or each other’s writing, then find the recipe that best fits their style.  Again, it’s fun, it’s unique, and it’s a great way to break the ice and get people talking.

Handwriting analysis can help you with your life in general, both with understanding others in all areas of life to having fun with friends.  Try it.

Please leave any comments you wish about this article.  I’d love to hear from you.

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