The Law of Attraction and Grapthotherapy

The Law of Attraction has gained a great deal of attention in recent years with one of the most popular representations being “The Secret.”

I love “The Secret.”  I’ve read the book, I’ve watched the movie.

But one thing seems to be missing.

We are told to believe that what we want is coming.  We are told to visualize it and it will happen.  But for so many people this is not how it works out.

Many spend hours visualizing what they want in their lives.  But when it comes to believing, it becomes harder.

How to you make yourself believe something?

The usual way to believe is by seeing it happen, then you believe in it.

And the premise of the Law of Attraction is just that. If you can see it happening in your imagination and in your mind so vividly that it is real to you, your subconscious will believe it is real and then it will happen for your because you believe.

Your subconscious cannot tell the different between what is real and what is vividly imagined.

But programming your subconscious deliberately is not always that easy.

Some people do seem to be just able to do it easily others can’t.

I knew a realtor who attributed her (great) success in that field to the Law of Attraction. She said that once she realized she just had to believe she could do it, she did believe an she did succeed.

For most people it isn’t that simple.  Getting your subconscious to believe what you want it to can be hard if you cannot visualize convincingly to yourself, and / or you cannot generate the feeling it will bring when it comes.

Your handwriting can help.

Graphotherapy is the act of changing your writing to include the personality traits, to get the strengths you need to succeed in whatever area is your present focus.  It also involves removing from your writing traits which are holding you back, either preventing you from doing what you must to succeed, or preventing you believing you can do it.

By identifying limiting beliefs about yourself you can allow yourself to move forwards to achieve whatever you want to achieve.

You allow the Law of Attraction to work in your life, because you have removed the obstacles to it.

For this you need first to set your goals.

To write out for yourself the top ten things you most want in your life, including those you already have – because you want to keep these intact and make sure you do nothing to drive them away.

So what do you want in life?

Write out your top ten things.

Prioritize them.  What is most important?

Look at number 1.  What do you need to do or get to achieve it?  What is standing in your way?  Or what has been the obstacle preventing you from achieving this goal?

Other people or circumstances may be influential in this, but you have to take responsibility for your own life, and work around outside things if you are to be in control.

So without blaming anyone or anything, what obstacles have been in your way?  State the facts, not any emotional “It’s not fair”.

Once you have done that, consider what qualities you would need as a human being to overcome these challenges, and what is there about you that has prevented you overcoming them before.

For example:  If you try to do it all alone instead of engaging with other people who could help you, the quality that would help you would to be to reach out to others in a giving, as well as receiving, mode.

If you have not done so because you are afraid of rejection, then it may be sensitivity to criticism that is holding you back.

Both of these things, like most human behaviours and qualities, show in handwriting, so both of these things can be changed by handwriting.

The simplified version of these two traits is as follows:

Holding back and going it alone can show either with a backhand slant, drawing in to yourself and not letting others close.  The loner shows in a lower extender on j, y or g that is just a stick going down with no curve or loop.

Sensitivity to criticism shows in loops on the t and d.

So by changing your writing consistently until the new way of writing becomes natural, can remove unwanted traits and replace them with ones you do want.

Thus it can remove limiting beliefs, and allow you to empower yourself to achieve the goals you are seeking.

Graphotherapy takes several weeks, as you are breaking an old habit and replacing it with a new one, in writing but also in your subconscious.

It is generally recognised that it takes 21 days to get rid of an old habit, and longer to establish a new one.

The other thing to be aware of is self sabotage.

Sometimes as you remove one trait, your subconscious will craftily put in another that will have much the same influence.

Let us say for example that you had decided to raise your goals, by raising your t-bars. (This really does work, I’ve used it myself many years ago and am still benefiting from the difference it made in my life)

What are high goals to you are partially determined by your self esteem.  If you think you are worth a great deal, then what are high goals to you will also be high goals to the rest of the world.  But if you have low self esteem and really don’t think you’re up to much, then what are high goals for you may seem pretty day-to-day to everyone else.

So as you raise your goals, you have to check that the indicators of self esteem (personal pronoun I and capital letters in general) keep a good size and do not start getting smaller.

That is one simple example.  Obviously what you watch out for are changes of any sort that were not intended, and by knowing what they mean, you can decide if they will further your goals or hinder them, so then keep them or work on keeping them at bay.

Another benefit of using Graphotherapy in connection with the Law of Attraction to realize your goals is that it is visual.

Each time you write with the new strokes you have chosen, you are giving your self a visual and mental affirmation that you are now how you want to be. For example “I have high goals” is the statement you make when you deliberately make higher t-bars.

To change your writing you have to write regularly.  And your subconscious is programmed by spaced repetition – so each time you practice your writing again, you are giving your subconscious this spaced repetition … “I have high goals.”

And last but by not means least, is that you can keep tabs on how you are doing by just looking at your writing.  If high goals was your objective, and you achieved that, finding the high t-bars coming naturally as you write, later, if you start to slip into your old ways, you will see it first in your writing, and can then make the decision to concentrate on getting your t-bars back where you want them.

I have use t-bars as an example, but this can work for any limiting belief.

Anything you want, just work out what you need to get it, what is holding you back, and then get into your writing, changing what you need to change, and work on it daily until it is happening in your writing naturally, and you will find it also happens in your life.

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