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Question: Would you like to throw a unique, different, fun party that would have everybody talking about it for days?

I assume your answer is “yes” since you are reading this article!confetti

Question: How many handwriting parties have you attended?

Answer: probably “none”, but perhaps “one” at the most.  And if you attended one, perhaps it’s now your chance to throw one!

As I write this the Holiday Season in coming close.  The time of year when both individuals and companies throw parties, have social events and generally entertain more.

And one of the most difficult challenges for the organizer is to create something memorable and different for their guests.

This is where Handwriting Analysis can help.

Not only is this a tool that can:

  • change your life
  • help solve all kinds of problems
  • enable you to attract what you want into your life

It can also be a great deal of FUN!

There are many ways to throw a Handwriting Party and my book “Signature Party Game” gives exact instruction and provides the “props” you might need.

But here are some ideas for you right now…

  1. The simplest way to throw a Handwriting Party is just to gather your friends together and give a Short Instant Reading of each person’s writing.
    • Just read skim through any quick information on Handwriting Analysis and choose a few traits that you feel comfortable at being able to identify… but make sure they are positive traits!  This is not the place to tell someone they are a pathological liar!!
    • If you think you need it, make yourself a “cheat sheet” with name of each trait, followed by an illustration of how it looks. Then as you look at your guests writing, you just check each writing sample against your sheet.
    • This is best done with everyone listening, as, especially if the group know each other well, everyone gets into the spirit of it, and some very entertaining comments can come from the audience.
    • If you are nervous about your ability to do this on the spot, you can ask all your guests for their writing ahead of time, then prepare a short written personality description to read out for each at the party.
  2. A variation on the written description is to make it into a Guessing Game.
    • If you guests know each other well, you can prepare a short personality description on each ahead of time, then at the party, the game is to work out which personality description is which person.
    • You can do this by reading out the personality descriptions and have every one guess at the end of each who they think you are describing
    • Or you can print them out in a bullet point list (this is quicker and easier to read than a narrative) and everyone goes around, writing on each one the name of the person they think it best card-tdescribes.
    • For this type of game, it is best to stick with the same traits for each person, say only look at the letter “t” for example. It is not necessary, but usually makes it easier for people to identify each other – after all, they only have a pretty short description to go on.
  3. You can make this a bit more of an event, by giving a short presentation to the group before you do the instant readings.
    • Make yourself out some flash cards, (included in the Signature Party Game) or just illustrate the traits you want to mention on ordinary paper, using a marker pen, and on the back (if you need some prompting) write, in pencil, small enough for just you to read, what you want to tell them about this trait.
    • Follow this with the instant reading  or personality description as described in #1 and #2
  4. If you are using this at a Larger Gathering or for an Ice Breaker, if each person receives a card on a cord to wear around their neck, or a larger stick-on label (usually used for names etc) with their personality traits on it, it can make for fun and interesting conversation as the guests mingle.
    – I have watched a TV program in which everyone on the planet saw their life as it would be 6 months ahead.  From then on that was what everyone discussed with everyone else when they met. “What was your flash forward?”
    – The same happens with their Personality Description or list of traits.  It is an instant topic of conversation.

  5. A very fun way to Combine your Guests Personality Descriptions with the Event’s Edibles, is this: cake2
    • Create a personality description for each guest
    • Give a personality-related name to each dish or food you are serving and relate it to a personality trait.
    • Everyone is encouraged to try “their” food, especially made for people with their personality.
    • For example: those with the trait of Procrastination may wish to try Never-too-Late Butter Bars.
    • Here is your Free Taste…

      a description of how to identify Procrastination and the recipe for totally delicious Never-too-Late Butter Bars

    • This is included in the Treats’nTraits book that I put together with chef-suprema Barbara Lawrence.

A note on “negative” traits.

I have been doing this for many, many years.  Speaking to groups.  Putting on Handwriting Parties and Mixer Events.

And what I have found is that some so-called negative traits are totally acceptable to mention.  Stubborn is one.  Procrastination is another.  But be careful how you say it.  Say it lightly and with humor.

If you are writing it out in a personality description, stubborn could be “you have a tendency to dig your heels in when you feel strongly about something” rather than actually write out the word “stubborn” on the sheet.

So if you’re looking for a Fun, Unique and Talk-of-the-Town Party to throw, consider a handwriting party (or a Signature Party).

Once you’ve done it a few times, you might even want to make a little money by offering it as a paid service!


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