How to Use Handwriting Analysis: Eleven Ways

Perhaps you have heard of graphology, but really have no idea how to use handwriting analysis in your daily life!

There are many professional uses, including law enforcement and mental health evaluation.

But here we will look at more personal ways to use handwriting analysis, that you can use readily.

1. Find out more about yourself than you ever knew before!

Self discovery is one of the greatest gifts of handwriting analysis.  You can find out why you behave the way you do and why you feel the way you do.  Understanding these things can help you create a better, more positive life for yourself.

Robert Burns, the Scottish poet, wrote about “seeing ourselves as others see us.”  Most of the time we think we know how we are presenting ourselves to others.  But when we look at others, especially those we perceive as considerably less than perfect, we wonder if they have any idea how appear to others.

By knowing the personality that is revealed in your handwriting, you can have a much better idea of how other people see you.  This can help with relationships, self improvement/ personal development and in your career.

2. Find out more about your friends, family, coworkers …. boss, clients, customers!friends

By understanding others better you can better communicate with them, and establish more harmonious relationships. The greatest tool in personal relationships is understanding.  By looking at the handwriting of others you have the ability to get an insight into what makes them “tick”, which in turn helps you gauge your behavior towards them accordingly.

3. Throw a Signature Party.

Invite your friends over and have a Signature Party where they find out about themselves and each other in a light hearted, entertaining way.  Finish with an on-the-spot analysis of your guests.

Having been a handwriting analyst for many years, I know that whenever people at any social gathering find out what I do, I am immediately innundated with questions about what this stroke and that stroke mean, and asked to look at people’s signatures on the spot.

There was even one memorable event, at a barbecue, where people were tearing up paper tablecloths to write on, since there was no other available writingt material!signature-pix

If you invite you guests over then give them a fun game of analyzing signatures, you’re party will be the “talk of the town”.  You can even prepare character sketches for each guest to take home.

If you’ve ever had a gathering where things just didn’t seem to get going, where people were having some trouble coming up with conversation or mingling well, this could be your magical solution.

This is fun for any group.

4. Send Personality Cards for Christmas and birthdaysenvelope

Buy or create a blank card, write “Your Handwriting says you are:” then list the traits you have found in that person’s writing.  Do it in an light hearted, tongue-in-cheek way. People are astounded with what you find.  You could of course put the same information for them on a mug, mouse pad or T-shirt as a personalized, humorous gift.

What could be a better gift for the “person who has everything?”

5. Have more Confidence and Security when Hiring New Staff.

Analyze their writing first and ensure a better fit with both the job duties and the company culture.  All the personal qualities and personality traits that an employer is looking for, show in the writing.  Just ask your job applicants for a writing sample, then check for traits you do want and for traits you don’t want.

You can use this during an interview to guide your questioning.  For example, if you see writing that shows a very dominant or rebellious personality you might ask a question such as ‘How are you at following directions? Give me an example of a time you were told to do something by a superior that you didn’t agree with and how you dealt with it.”

The answer will be very enlightening!

6. Decide your Personal Development Goals, and work towards them by using Graphotherapy.

All self growth/ personal development tools work on re-programming the sub-conscious, because that is where behavior and attitude originate.  Your handwriting can be a great tool with which to affect permanent change.  It’s a simple and effective tool, which you can use to change a wide variety of habits, tendencies and behaviors.

7. Overcome shyness at social gatheringshy

Just mention you analyze handwriting and you’ll find everyone lining up to show you’re their signatures – you’ll be the star of the show!  The shy person often has trouble thinking of anything to say to strangers, but from personal experience, as a shy person and as a handwriting analyst, I can tell you that once people hear you analyze writing, they are seeking you out.

And the lovely thing about it is that you then have no trouble thinking of what to talk about – everyone wants to talk about handwriting, and once you’ve give a brief reading to someone, you’ll be amazed had how confidential and self disclosing they become about themselves.  They often go to great lengths to explain to you why they are the way they are, or in what way a particular personality trait has always helped or hindered them… it’s a terrific way to break the ice.  It’s a great gift or tool for shy teens too.

8. See if your Date is good for you! Are you compatible?

Anyone who is dating can benefit from knowing as much as possible about the person they are dating.  Even more so is the date is an online date who you are about to meet for the first time in person.  By getting a card – a birthday, Christmas, Valentine or other cards – from this person ahead of time can alert you to any negative, but even more importantly, dangerous traits in their writing.  It’s more that worth the maneouvering it may take to get the card in the first place!couple on heart

And for those already in established relationships, understanding where particular behaviors are coming from and why, can be the key to solving disputes or aggravations.  I had one woman stand up at a business gathering one time and announce to everyone that having her and her husbands handwriting analyzed had saved their marriage.

Understanding is always good.

9. Plan your Career.

Your writing can give you an excellent guide to what types of careers are best suited to your personality. Finding a job to which you are will suited is much more energizing and enjoyable, plus you generally perform better and have the natural ability needed to progress effectively.  And knowing why you’re a fit can also help you “sell” yourself to employers more effectively.

Many, or rather most, of the personality assessments used for career planning and career choice are based on ones’ own perception of oneself.  In other words, you answer a whole raft of questions about yourself and your peferences.  For some this works just fine, but for those who do not know themselves very well it can have mixed results.  And after all, if you knew yourself that well you’d probably know what job you wanted anyway!

Handwriting analysis shows your self perception, but it also shows who you really are deep down inside, who you could be if the barriers, attitudes and fears were stripped away.  It gives you a true look at your vocational aptitudes and career choices that would fit for you.

10. Train as a Graphologist and get paid for doing all of the above!!

Are you ready to go into fully-fledged training to become a Graphologist? If you have read a few articles, perhaps bought some books on handwriting analysis and are now ready to get really into it big time, consider training to become a graphologist.  It can become a career for you, or you can just use it to greatly enhance your life as it is.

This is one of the most popular courses around and comes with many options. Home Study to become a Become a Certified Handwriting Analyst – several study options including full certification course

And last but not least…

11. If you’re feeling down, your handwriting can give you a lift. Here’s a free e-booklet to help you.

A Handwriting Analysis Tonic: A Pick-Me-Up

A Handwriting Analysis Tonic: A Pick-Me-Up

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