What is Wealth to you?

When one reads about “wealth” initially one thinks of money.  But money is not the only type of wealth.  questionmark

Here are five  things to look out for when considering different types of wealth and how to identify them from handwriting.

And you can identify the strongest wealth focus of anyone by looking at their writing.  This can be very valuable in all connections with others, whether it’s friendship or business.

1. Someone whose focus in indeed money or materialistic wealth will show it in large, angular lower loops (g, y, j).  If the lower loops also slant consistently to the left, the possessiveness is also present.  This can be an excellent trait for employers to identify, especially if they are hiring for commissioned sales.

money - desire for

Notice the left slanted, angular loop.

2. Being wealthy in friends and family is something many consider more valuable than financial wealth.

Depth of feeling shows in the heaviness of the writing, but deep feeling unshared may also go unreturned.

A right slant shows emotional expression, so the writer with a far right slant will show their feelings freely and when affection or love is the feeling being felt, they will come across as warm and loving.  This person wants to give and receive emotionally.

Relationship compatibility is hugely affected by emotional expression and writing pressure.

depth - emotional expression

Heavy pressure combined with a far right slant

3. Others put highest value on having a wealth of knowledge.  These are the scholars and the learners.  It is their mind and intelligence they value more than anything.

Investigative thinkers, those who want to find out the who, why, when, what, where and why about things write their “h”, “m” and “n” with sharp upper points.  They then analyze that information for validity and usefulness, which is shown in sharp “v” formations at the baseline.  And they are often also interested in philosophical issues and abstract concepts which show in tall upper extenders (h,l,k).  This type of writing works very well for scholars, researchers, scientists and anyone whose work involves actively finding out new information.


Note the sharp tops on “h”, “m” and “n”, the pointed V-formations at the baseline and the tall “h’ and “ll”s

4. And let’s not forget the great desire some people have for the power, which could be called the “wealth of power.”

Power hungry writers want to take charge and this shows in t-bars, strong and heavy, pointing downwards.  They want to be in charge.  This if often accompanied by an over inflated ego, making them feel they have the right to take over others lives and direct their actions.  An extremely large personal pronoun “I”, or an inflated signature show the egotist.  Watch out if you’re hiring this writer!


The personal pronoun “I” is very large in comparison with the rest of the writing.
Strongly downward slanting t-bars show the dominant writer.

5. The trait of acquisitiveness just means the desire to acquire, and although it is usually taken as meaning the desire to acquire money, it can mean the desire to acquire anything, so can be found in connection with any of the above traits.

This shows in a hook drawn when the pen is first put to the page, either at the beginning of the writing, or at any time after there has been a break in the script.  The larger the hook, the more important the acquisition is to the writer. It can show in the signature or anywhere in the script.


Hooks at the beginning of both words and on the start of the t-bar show acquisitiveness.

This of course is just a quick look at some of the main indicators of what is important to any given writer to acquire.

All traits influence each other, and many more can influence what is important to someone.  Nevertheless, these are all strong indicators and are a valid start at identifying what is important to the writer.

Check it out on your own writing and that of people in your life and you’ll find out how true it is.

Use your handwriting analysis to help you be a success in your choice of wealth gathering> >

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