About the Practical Handwriting Analysis Blog

What is Practical Handwriting Analysis?


Just what it sounds like.

It is a blog dedicated to the practical benefits of the science of Handwriting Analysis.

What are the practical benefits?

Well, as this blog develops, there will be a far ranging variety of benefits explained and demonstrated for you to consider.

For now here are a few of the more obvious benefits:info button

  • understand more about other people, what makes them tick and how to more effectively communicate with each.
  • understand more about yourself, why you feel the way you do, why you do the things you do, and how to make the best of the wonderful, unique human being that is you.
  • create deeper more compatible relationships with family, friends and significant others
  • establish more effective networking relationships for business
  • hire the right candidate for the job
  • choose the right job (if you’re the job seeker or career changer)
  • discover why the Law of Attraction just doesn’t seem to be working for you – the blocks you are putting in it’s way
  • engage in personal development and self improvement through graphotherapy
  • communicate more effectively
  • overcome shyness
  • increase self confidence and self esteem
  • realize your gifts, achieve your potential
  • make money
  • have fun

… to mention just a few!

Most publications on handwriting analysis are for one of two purposes:

  • to train to you to become a handwriting analyst
  • to further your education once you already are a handwriting analyst

But there is very little out there, on the topic of handwriting analysis, for people who just want tools for a better life

That is the goal of this blog.

To enhance your life through understanding yourself and others better.



Fiona MacKay Young

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