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Do you focus on the positives or the negatives?star - yellow

When you read through articles like you find on this blog, learning to identify various personality traits from handwriting, are you looking for the good or the bad?

I hope you’re looking for the positives, and only taking in the negatives as a way to self improvement, and turning them too into positive. I hope your Success oriented.

Giving quick instant readings in public, to a group is not the place to tell someone either that they are a potential axe murdered (come to think of it, I don’t know any other place that would be appropriate for that either!) or any other negative traits.

So after I have finished a presentation to a group and people come up and ask me to look at their writing, which they always do, I usually give them a 20 second analysis … a few of the more obvious traits I can see.

I give mainly positive traits, and may give one of the negative traits I have found are acceptable to say.

I have been doing this for many years, so I know what I can “get away with” and what is not a good idea to mention in this public setting.stubborn donkey

For example, stubborn is generally considered a negative trait (although many very successful people are stubborn as mules!).

Procrastination is another that no-one seems to mind being made public.

However, obviously, deceitful, unrealistic, selfish etc. are not acceptable things to mention in front of others, and have to be approached tactfully at any time.

So I will list about a dozen or more traits, including one “cheeky” one, like stubborn or procrastination.

The individual then goes back to their friends, who ask

“What did she tell you?”

You know what the first, and often the ONLY, thing they will answer?

Yes, you probably guessed it.

They will repeat the negative trait, or which ever trait they most disliked hearing.

Or, in some cases, the negative trait they thought should have been present but I didn’t mention!

They are focusing on the negative.

If I don’t offer negative traits, people ASK for them.

They are looking for them.  They expect to hear terrible things about themselves.

To me, this is sad.

My usual response to this is that you get the good news for free, but you have to pay for the bad news!

That is, if you want to hear more, you need a full reading. And that’s not so much because I don’t want to give any more away for free, as just that a public setting is not the place for any emotional triggers, or serious conversation.

Don’t be like that.

Don’t focus on the negative, either in your writing or in your life.

Don’t be stubborn, or procrastinate about moving ahead.

Focus on the positives. Use the positives, nurture them, make them stronger.magnifying-glass

What you focus on expands.

Focus on your negatives (again, either in your writing or in your life) and the negatives will expand and fill your life.

So, focus on the positives and watch what they can do to make your life happier and more fulfilling.

This philosophy fits with the Law of Attraction, where visualizing and believing create your reality.  But it is also common sense!  Why go looking for trouble?

Another way of putting it, is have an attitude of gratitude.
Focus on what is good, hopeful and fulfilling.

Would you like to know what your writing says about your?

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