Change and the Secret of an Open Mind

Change can be hard to handle.  Even change that you want to happen still takes its emotional toll.

It’s all very well to say “Be open minded”, but it can be much harder to do, especially it you dearly wish things were still the way they were.

But change isn’t going to disappear because we don’t like it. So we have a choice.

We can either embrace the change and find what positives lie within it or we can fight it, complain about it and finally lose the battle anyway.

Ask yourself, which would make you happier?

Here are some tips to help you grow with change.

  1. Allow new ideas space in your mind and in your imagination.

That doesn’t mean you have to blindly accept every new idea that comes along, but it does mean you will be willing to listen to and consider new angles and ways of doing things.

Assess your openness to new ideas by looking at your lower case “e”s.

open mind

  • The “e” on the left, with the wide open space in the loop is the person who is willing to consider any idea.
    • Again, it doesn’t mean they will accept just anything, but they will at least be willing to listen and consider.
  • The middle example of an “e” shows a writer who will listen if the subject being presented appears to have some merit, or if the source of the idea seems to be sound.
    • However they may want to chew things over for a while and even then, may only  be willing to accept ideas that have some connection with what is familiar to them.
  • And lastly, the “e” on the right.
    • This is the person who might on occasion say something like “I know what you are going to say and the answer is no!”

It can be very hard to bring this writer around to innovative concepts, or even to accept some change that has become necessary to keep up with this ever changing world we live in.

It is quite common to have a mixture of “e”s, so take a look at yours.

Some closed, some open just means that you are more open to new ideas in some areas of your life than in others.

You might want to consider which areas are your blind spots.

lightbulb yellow

2. Once an idea has entered your mind, whether you are accepting of it or not, imagination enters the picture and as you think about a topic, negatively or positively, your imagination magnifies it and it grows.

For an idea you accept therefore, you may then come up with some great new or expanded possibilities.  “Perhaps I/we could to ……, or maybe …….” Now you are on a roll.

On the other hand if you were having a hard time with the change in the first place, the thoughts that are being rolled around my your imagination may not be so positive.  “If …. happens, then that will cause ….. to happen, and then …. will happen and that will be awful!”

How much you will magnify in your mind depends on how strong your imagination is and the type of imagination that generates ideas shows in the upper loops on some of your letters.

Not all loops relate to imagination, just the ones described below.

If you put upper loops on your h, k, l, and f you are showing the ability to come up with new ideas.

This is abstract imagination.

So whether you feel positive or negative about a topic as you think about it, you will find new ideas appearing in your mind surrounding it.

abstract imagination

This is where the writer with the semi-open loops in the “e”s may start coming around to an idea they were not at first sure about.

Their imagination may show them ways this concept might actually work.

3. Add to that the ingredient of emotion.

The emotional person is likely to get all wound up about the change and its effects, magnifying it emotionally whether or not their imagination is also doing so.

For them it’s all about how it will feel.  And the longer they think about it the more deeply ingrained it becomes.  The feeling goes deeper. It lasts longer.

If it’s a wanted change they may become increasingly enthusiastic.

If it’s an unwanted change they may become increasing upset or despondent.

We talk about “taking things deeply to heart” and this shows in writing by “deep” or heavy pressure with the pen on the paper.

The heavier the pressure, the more deeply events will impact emotionally.


  • The left writer, with light pressure has the ability to let go.
  • The writer on the right has a hard time with that.
    • Things just seem to go deeper and deeper.

And as we are talking about change here, the writer on the right obviously will have a much harder time letting go of the past so s/he can move into the future.


4. And lastly, something that can help you let go is emotional expression.

Just because the heavy writer takes things deeply does not mean you will know that about them.  They may internalize it, appearing calm on the outside.

Obviously not a healthy choice.

The farther right the slant, the more the writer expresses how s/he feels.

emotional expression

  • The writer on the left will hold in feelings.
  • The writer second from the left will appear poised and cool.
  • The writer second from the right will show feeling a little bit, but mostly be well in control.
  • And the writer on the right will be an easy read – you will always know how they are feeling about whatever is at present occupying their mind.

Putting it all together

So taking the closed “e”, closed minded writer, who does not like the coming change.

  • If he has any amount of imagination (upper loops) things will magnify in his mind.
  • If he writes heavily he will then take that deeply to heart, and carry it with him for, perhaps, ever
  • And if he also has a backhand or upright slant, he will not express it on an emotional level (though he may have quite a bit to say about it in other ways)

So the result is pent up emotion, getting more and more as the magnification continues…..

Obviously life would be better, easier and more enjoyable if that writer were:

  • open to new ideas (open “e”s) and willing to give them a chance.
  • And as a result their imagination magnified the positive possibilities
  • And that although they take things deeply enough to be serious about serious things, they still have the ability to let go at an appropriate time.

And lastly, no matter what the other traits show, if they manage to express themselves appropriately so they don’t get all tied up in knots inside, life will be a great deal more positive.

Change is here and more is coming.

Make sure you have the emotional and mental ability to go with the flow, to take the best of what comes, and ride out the rest.

And yes you can change your handwriting and change your life.

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Tell me what you think.

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