Did you eat too much?

Christmas is over for another year.  Did you eat too much?

Your writing cannot show what you actually ate, or how much, but it can show whether you have the inclination to be someone who enjoys food and perhaps has trouble knowing when to stop!

There are other reasons, of course, for over eating, but if your reason is just that you enjoy food so much, you may find it showing in your writing.

Heavy pressure on the page resulting in darker writing with thicker lines.  Alternatively the same visual effect may be obtained by using a felt pen or any writing instrument that produces thick, heavy-looking lines.

This is depth of sensual appreciation.  Good food, among other things, gives this writer a deep sense of satisfaction.

This writer doesn’t just eats s/he enjoys what s/he eats on a more profound level.


Have you ever stopped to think that at least part of your enjoyment of food is “all in the mind?”

Think, for example, if you were given something to eat and told it was something you consider absolutely disgusting, and the very thought of eating it made you feel sick.

strange food

Think of being given something that you are told is delicious, tastes just like something else you love.  You probably will be willing to give it a try and expect to enjoy it.

Now think of the two as looking exactly the same.

The difference is the image and taste the description conjured up in your mind.

It was all in your imagination.

Your physical imagination shows in the lower loops on j, y, and g.  If you have large lower loops, you will probably enjoy that food you know you like even more.  You may keep thinking about it – imagining it – when you are not eating it, especially if, like that box of chocolates, it is still lying somewhere close.

material imagination

So blame it on your imagination!

You could of course change these two traits by using the fantastic tool of Graphotherapy, but both of these indications also give you gifts in other areas.

Heavy writing, or the preference to create heavy-looking writing, is depth of feeling of any kind.  It means enjoyment not only of the color of life (including delicious food) but also color of the palate, enduring emotion and more.

Different people use this preference in different ways, but it all comes from the same source: depth of feeling.

Large lower loops, both wide and long, show an enjoyment, a preference for, change and variety.  It is material imagination.  It is the imagination that takes an idea and makes it work.

Both of these traits have much more far reaching effects than just whether or not you over eat during the holidays.

So forgive yourself if you ate too much, and concentrate instead on all the benefits of these two far reaching personality traits.

They both are parts of creativity which is always a gift.

thinking outside the box

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