Goal Setting 101: Here it is to a “t”

You can spend a great deal of money goal setting.

Or you can use this simple method and do it yourself, successfully, easily and effectively.

Goal setting is big business. You can take seminars on Goal Setting. You can read books on Goal Setting. You can buy Goal Setting software for your computer. You can even find books on goal setting for kids.

And my personal favorite, Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich.”

But all you really need is a pen and paper.

Just as your brain sends impulses to your hand so that you write the way you do, the reverse also happens.

If you change your writing consistently, the message from your hand goes back to your brain and it begins to get used to this new way of being.

Repetition creates new neuro-pathways and your brain starts to accept this new way of being.

So by changing the appropriate strokes in your handwriting, you can send the message to your brain that this is how you now are.

Change the strokes that relate to goal setting, and your brain will start to follow the way these new strokes indicate.

It takes 21 days to break a habit.

And it takes a little longer to create a new one, so in, say, 30 days you can have new goal setting habits that you have chosen and created for yourself.

This is called Graphotherapy.

The other advantage of this method of change is that if, later on, you start to slip back into your old ways, you will immediately notice it in your handwriting, and can then take the steps necessary to get back to how you want to be. this works  whether it be in goal setting or any other area of your life,

So how do you goal set with handwriting?

Think of a step ladder, a short one with only 3 rungs.ladder of success

Now look at your lower case “t”.

If your t-bar is level with the tops of the lower case letters, or below, you only aim for the first rung on the ladder of success.

  • Only once you are securely stationed on that, will you look up and plan how to get to the second rung.
  • This is not to say it is an unsuccessful method of going after your goals, but it is cautious and takes time.

If your t-bars are above the tops of the lower case letters, but not right at the top of the t-stem, then your goals are practical.

  • You stand at the bottom of the ladder of success and realistically evaluate what you can expect to achieve, and have enough confidence to aim straight for the second rung on the ladder, by passing the first.
  • This is a quicker route to success and still reasonable, since the goals you are going after are “practical” which means they should be achievable.

If you place your t-bars on the top of the t-stem, in a lower case ‘t”, so it looks more like a capital, then you set yourself very high goals.

  • With other success traits such as determination, initiative, imagination, and of course knowledge of the area in which you are venturing, this is the most successful type of “t”.
  • You say I can succeed and go out there and go after that success.

“What,” you say, “if my t-bars are floating above the tops of the t-stems?”

  • That means your head, and your goals, are in the clouds.
  • These are dreams.  clouds
  • There is nothing wrong with having dreams, in fact it’s good.  But just make sure all your goals are not just dreams.  Achievable goals need to be grounded.

Note: t-bars to the right or left of the t-stem, not crossing cannot be evaluated for goals.

So if you are goal setting:

  • Set your goals high.
  • Start writing you t-bars high on the t-stem
  • Keep doing it till it becomes natural
  • Once it is you will find that you are naturally setting your sites on higher achievements.
  • If at any point, you see your t-bars sliding back down the t-stem, just take the time to push them back up there again until they’re staying once more.

This is goal setting through handwriting.

There are of course a great many other traits that contribute to success, but they can all be achieved through your handwriting.

So if you want to achieve your goals,
set your sights and your t-bars high.

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