Initiative: Do you have it? Or do you want to get it?

Initiative is the ability to see and recognize opportunity and move towards grasping it.

Obviously a good trait to have.

Here’s how you can identify it from handwriting…

Rather than sticking to the standard formulas for behaving and achieving, initiative suggests that you will be:

  • willing to break free
  • and go after what you want.

hot air balloon

So it makes sense that it shows in a “break free” stroke.

It can show in a “t”, in an “h”, in a “k” and in a “p.”

Here’s how.

A copybook “t” has a t-bar crossing the stem of the letter.

The initiative “t” does have a crossbar of sorts, so a t that has totally missed it’s crossbar is not initiative.  But the initiative crossbar does not cross the t-stem.

Instead it swings out from the base of the stem, to the right, with energy and enthusiasm.

Below is an example of an initiative “t” in the word “at.”


The “h” and the “k” show initiative in the same way, as you can see above.

Instead of the hump of the letter starting with a retrace on the stem, the curving over to the right, the initiative stroke, as in the “t”, breaks away from the baseline and swings out to the right.

If you write your lower case “k” as a printed letter, this does not qualify for initiative.

The lower case “p” also shows the breakaway stroke from the baseline.

It is important in the “p” however to notice where the breakaway from the initial downstroke begins. An illustration is below.

If the breakaway starts below the baseline of the writing (that is, the bottom of the other lower case letters, such as a, o, d etc.) then it is not initiative but goes one step beyond that into aggressiveness.

The example of an aggressive “p”  is shown below with the red X through it.

initiative p

Initiative, like many other personal qualities, can be acquired through Graphotherapy, which is a method of changing your body language on the outside (your writing) to influence how you feel on the inside, and hence your behaviour.

So if you don’t already have initiative showing in your writing, but would love to have the trait as part of your personality, your handwriting can help.

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