Memories: how will you look back?

I write this as the old year disappears and tonight at midnight a brand new year will start.

Traditionally this is a time of memories.  A time to look back and remember what good and bad happened over the past year.  Perhaps to wonder what we could have done better, but hopefully to celebrate what we did spectacularly well.

Writing gives insights into how each writer will look back.  Which are you?



The writer who puts heavy pressure on the page as s/he writes:

  • will look back on the past year with strong, deep feelings.
  • What happened made a lasting impression on them, and they can still feel these feelings.


The light line writer is

  • more likely to look back on events as events with some, but less, emotion attached.
  • There is of course the exception that events that are traumatic enough will elicit feeling from the very lightest of line writers.
  • But normal events, looked back on later, will tend to be viewed more from a “so it happened” basis.


When reviewing the past year the writer who slants their writing far to the right,

  • will exhibit to those around him or her how they are feeling as they reminisce.


The upright or backhand writer will not show these emotions even though they may be feeling them.


The writer will large upper and / or lower loops

  • will embellish the events of the past year in their mind as their imagination enters the picture.



The writer with a very tall person pronoun “I”

  • will embellish their own part in their envisioning of the previous year.



The down slanted writer will

  • consider the dismal things that happened in the past year as an omen of even more dismal things to come in the new year.



The writers with self castigation

  • will blame themselves for everything bad that happened.

Self castigation is shown in the lower case t, where the t-bar goes back to the left and never returns to the right.

self castigate


While the person who has tunnel vision, seeing nothing but their own immediate surroundings anyway, will probably not even be aware of what happened last year, and will probably be equally oblivious to what happens next year!


Tunnel vision occurs where concentration on one thing is so intense it shuts out everything else around.  This shows in writing by tiny writing, the size that makes you want to get our a magnifying glass just to be able to read it.


I saved the best for last.

The eternal optimist,

  • who saw all that was rosy in the past year,
  • and is eagerly awaiting more wonderful happenings in the new year.

This is the writer who writes uphill towards the right, and probably writes their t-bars in the same direction.



So for the new year, I wish you all up-slanting writing and upward pointing t-bars.

I wish you a happy, cheerful, optimistic and wonderful new year.


Your handwriting can help you be a Success! > >


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