Signature Analysis: 7 points to underline

To underline or not to underline: that is the question!

Is it a good idea to underline your signature when you write your name?

Or is it better not to do so?

The short answer is yes, it is a good idea, but how you write your underline is also very important.

Check out the following 7 points on the significance of your signature underline.

1. A simple line shows self reliance in an unassuming manner.

self reliance

The writer is expecting no glory for being able to stand in  her own two feet.  It’s just the way she is. It is also an indication that this writer is something of a free spirit.  If she adheres to tradition it’s because that particular tradition is a fit for ther.  It is unlikely to be because she believes in following tradition blindly.

2. The more showy the underline, the more attention the writer is seeking. “Here I am. Notice me.” it says.  Don’t notice me and I might do more to get your attention is also inferred. (Not meaning violence, just attention grabbing behaviour.)showy underline

3. If the underscore goes from right to left with a right handed writer then it is the back to self stroke.  It is self reliance but the writer is not sure if they can handle it fully.left angled underline

4. A zig zag underline that ends to the left means the same.  The rightwards part of the zig zag means self reliance, the left part shows the uncertainty.zigzag underline

The longer the zig zag continues down the page, the more unsure they are of their ability to be self reliance and going back and forth between “yes I can” and “perhaps I can’t.”

5. Any underline that looks like a pedestal upon which the name is placed, is just that. They believe that is where they belong.pedestal underline

6. Creativity can show positively in an underline.  Drummer Phil Collins signature, although sometimes seen just as a signature, at time appears with a very elaborate underline in the form of drums.  This is pure creativity and as such it very positive.

7. A wavy or “smile” shaped underline is an indication of a sense of underline

So if you are looking to add more self reliance to your strengths you can engage in a little graphotherapy by adding a simple, strong underline to your name.

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