Your signature shows where you want to be.

– Is the past where you would like to be?

– Or are you very much in the present wanting to know what is happening all around you?

– Or are you anxious and eager to get on into the future and all the possibilities it offers?

Your signature tells a great deal about you.  But quite apart from how it is written, where it is written gives some terrific clues about the writer.

When you receive a letter or a card from anyone, take a look at where they have placed their signature.


Is it at the left of the page, the centre or the page, or off towards the right?

“Old school” training had people writing their signature always at the right hand side of the page, but that is almost extinct nowadays, as is formal “penmanship” for normal everyday writing.

The current western business letter format has the signature, and everything else in the letter, aligned with the left margin.

However for a personal letter, we have a great deal more freedom to put the signature anywhere we like.

Take a look at any letters or cards you have at present, and you will find a variety of placements of the signatures.

Even in formal business letters, there is leeway for personal choice and expression.

Under the signature in formal business letters one will usually find the signee’s name typed, followed by their job title, and perhaps the company name, address etc.

Just imagine the whole width of the page as being the width of this block of typing under the name.

Some people will sign with their name starting exactly on the left margin, or even to the left of that, inside the margin.

a hand writing

Others will start a bit farther in than the left margin of the typing, and some will even totally disregard the area and sign over to the right, altogether away from their typed information.

So the same rules apply to formal business letters as personal correspondence. Just make some allowances for where the signature is “meant” to be in comparison to where it actually is.

So looking at a signature on a letter or card…

Is the signature clinging to the left margin, centred, or more off to the right?

left right center

Left is always back to self or to the past.

Thus the left clinging signature is someone who has not completely let go of the past.

It may be close connection with fading traditions or it may be that this writer is tied to something or someone from the past more specifically.

A signature placed in firmly in the center is someone who likes to be in the center of things.

This does not necessarily mean they like to be the center of attention – other strokes will show whether or not that is the case.  But this writer likes to be in the know, to have a good grasp on what is going on around them.

And the signature placed towards the right of the page is the forward thinking writer.

This person is heading off into the future, and if the writing is at the far right, they are almost knocking at the door of the future rather than wait out their time in the present.

So as you read any signed correspondence, just glancing at the position of the signature can give you interesting and sometimes very helpful insights into just how this writer thinks, and where they want to be.

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