What everybody ought to know about Signatures

Why are people so interested in their signature and the signatures of other people, when often they don’t really care about how the rest of the writing looks?

Here are some tips about signatures.

I assume the high level of interest is because the signature is the writing we see most often.

It is also because the signature is very personal. If you “lie” in your signature it seems much closer to home, much worse, that if the rest of the writing gives a false impression.

In terms of graphology, your signature is:

  • the face you present to the world
  • what you want them to see of you
  • how you want them to think of you.

So, if you are comfortable with who you are, and feel no necessity to “make an impression” your signature and the rest of your writing will probably look much the same.

However, if your signature and the rest of your writing are different, it can be interesting to analyze both to find out personality traits differ from one to the other.
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A signature slightly larger than the rest of the writing is fine.  It means good self esteem.

However, if you sign your name much larger than you write the rest of the time, it is an indication that you feel the need to be more visible.

This could be because you are in a job that requires high visibility, higher than you would normally choose for yourself.  It may mean you need the ego boost of being noticed.  But either way, it is saying “Here I am, notice me.”

It is unusual to find a signature smaller than the rest of the writing.

It means the signee is uncomfortable with some aspect of who they are and who they come across as being, and are hiding away, perhaps not physically, but in terms of letting their personality show.

A farther right slant in the signature is a writer who is trying to appear more emotionally expressive, more emotionally connected to his or her “audience” than they really are.

It would make sense to assume this would appear most often in the writing of those in the public eye.

Conversely a more upright or backhanded signature, with more right slanted writing elsewhere shows someone who, for whatever reason, is holding themselves back in public.

So if you are content with a power signature only, it means you are content to put on a show to impress others, but are not really concerned with whom you really are!
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It is less stressful and therefore much healthier to be the same person no matter where you are.

Much better to start developing the traits you want in ALL of your writing, including your signature.

When both are the same, it’s a “what you see is what you get” scenario.

Much better than “this is what I want you to see, but I’m really much different” that comes with a signature made to look good, while the real person remains with its flaws.

That is not to say I think everyone needs to change their writing. I don’t.

But if you are unhappy with who you are, or who you appear to others to be (which unless you are putting on a show, is the same thing), it’s time to take action on the whole person, not just the shop-front!

Graphotherapy takes you through this process of changing your writing slowly and effectively. It takes 21 days to break a habit, and even longer to put one of your own choosing in it’s place.

Change doesn’t happen overnight, so whether you use your handwriting to affect change, or some other method, you have to be patient.

So if you are unhappy with who you are in any area of your life, you can take the steps to change it.

But please, take the time to work on the real you – don’t waste time putting up a false front, which is what a “power signature” on otherwise “un-powerful” writing would be.

Personal development is for the whole you, not just the store-front.  You are worth the effort it takes.


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