A Unique Approach to Gift Giving

Handwriting Analysis can give you a unique approach to gift giving


By checking out their writing you can find some unique clues as to what would be an excellent gift for that writer.

Here are a few tips.

Get some writing of the person or people to whom you are giving gifts and check out the following: ?? Are there sharp V formations at the baseline of the writing?


If so, this person will enjoy something that they can analyze and critique and will get their mind busy checking it out.  The other side of this is that they will be critical of whatever they receive, analyzing it’s value, uselfulness, appearance etc.  They may or may not tell you about this.

(They may well enjoy a book on handwriting analysis … so they can analyze some more!)

?? Are the “circle” letters open?

(a, o and the circle parts of d and g)?  If so you have a talker.  So give them a gift they can talk about or talk to.  A book might not be the best choice since they will have to read it (in silence) before they can talk about it!


If the writing you are looking at has both of the above traits, then the gift-receiver will analyze it into the ground then talk about what they discovered. You could of course give them the gift of a handwriting reading, which they could then talk about to their hearts content!

?? Is the writing very large?

If so, your writer does not appreciate having to concentrate on any one thing for an extended period of time.  So a gift that that can be used in short splurges, or can be worn and admired might be a good choice.

lower loops1

?? Does the writing end with a high flying tail that waves in the air?


This is the writer that enjoys attention.  Another good choice for a gift that can be worn or admired.  (A brand new, shiny, red, sports car cannot be worn, but would fit the bill just as nicely!)

?? Does the writing have large upper loops?

Give a gift that engages creativity. This is an imaginative person.

upper loops2

?? Does the writing have large lower loops?

Give a gift that is practical.  This is the imaginative doer – give them an idea and they’ll run with it.

lower loops1

?? Do the lower extenders on j, y, g and f just have a stick-like stem with no loop or curve?

You have a loner on your hands. Give them something they can enjoy on their own.


?? Lastly, look at the heaviness of the writing.  Is it really heavy, having had pressure exerted on the paper when writing?


(The left word has light pressure, the right word shows heavy pressure)

If so you have a sensual individual who will love colour, both of the palate and in life, who will take things deeply to heart, enjoy sumptuous food, and the “good life” in general.

If this writer also has a far right slant, and open circle letters then all this feeling and passion are likely to be expressed … so use your imagination with this one.

This is only a sampling.  If you are ever truly stuck for a gift for anyone, take a good long look at their writing, find some key traits and consider what these tell you about the writer that might help you find the ideal job.

These same traits can help you find the ideal spouse, employee, career… the list covers every area of life.

For now though, Happy Gift Giving for every season.

(Gift Certificates and Handwriting Analysis Books make unique gifts!)


Fiona MacKay Young

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