Large writing or small writing: Size does matter

Do you have large writing? Do you have small writing? Or do you think your writing is somewhere in the middle with regard to size?

Size is a significant element in handwriting…size examplesThe size of your writing relates to your need to be noticed, and to your ability to notice what is going on around you.

It shows whether your focus on the big or small picture, whether you live in the big, wide world, or in your little corner of it.

Large writing says “I am here!  Notice me!”

You have the ability to notice what is going on all around you, in a wide variety of places, situations and circumstance.  And being in the outside world is what being outgoing is all

Whether or not you are a noisy extrovert, or a quiet one is another topic, but large writing shows that you are out there being an active part of what is going on around you.

You are comfortable with being seen and noticed, which in turn means you are most likely comfortable with being you, with your inner self whether or not you stop to pay much attention to that part of you.

You often will be seen as a leader and take on leadership roles, and people recognize, see and learn to appreciate your gifts.

The downside of large writing, or at least very large writing, is that concentration tends to be lacking.  This can be great from the perspective of multi-tasking, and your general focus lets you deal with many things at once, but sometimes the lack of focus can mean lost opportunity or details missed.

If you team up with a small writer, you will then have the best of both worlds.

The small writer is the master of concentration and focus.  The smaller the writing the more you are totally engrossed in whatever you are thinking about or working on that the moment, and may be totally oblivious to outside happenings that get everyone else’s attention.flag pins

You are introspective, seeing the outside world only as it relates to your rich inner world. Sharing is not something you are inclined to do.

Small writers usually, although not always, good with detail, memory and organization.  Their focus is direct and all absorbing, and because of this they are usually quite independent, following to the tune of their own internal “drummer”.

Average sized writing, which you can tell as well as I can, shows the ability to be practical and realistic, two feet on the ground and able to cope with everyday life.

But the size of my writing changes!

Yes, the size of your writing may well change from day to day.

If you are concentrating hard on, say, work, your writing may well be smaller than when you are scribbling a reminder note to yourself, or jotting down something as you listen to voice mail.

Simply, when you are not concentrating, your writing may well be larger.  When you are engrossed it will be smaller.

But everyone has a “normal” size for their own writing, and it is this that shows your inherent personality.  It also has implications about job suitability.

The large writer will go nuts, and probably not perform well, in a job where they are expected to sit all day in front of a computer, typing away, and on their own.  This is a job for a small writer.ringing phone

Working the front desk or reception in a large and busy environment is not something a small writer will enjoy or be able to cope with effectively.  For this you need the large writer, who is constantly out there in the world watching what is happening all around.

Size of writing is what is called a Global trait, in that it influences every other area of life.   Small writing increases the intensity of every other trait found in the writing, while large writing diffuses them.

So notice the size of others, and your own writing.  It can help you deal with others in the way most comfortable for them.

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