Conventional or Enterprising: which are you?

I was watching the Wheel of Fortune recently.  I love the short chat-break between Pat Sajak and Vana White at the end of the show.

Pat is funny, but what I enjoy is Vana’s ‘down home” personality.  Here is a woman who wears more glamorous dresses than almost anyone else on the planet, and she talks quite happily about her vegetable garden and the like!

What got my attention in this particular episode was Vana telling everyone that monkeys eat bananas by peeling them from the other end, and how much easier that is than the way we normally peel them.


(I gave it a shot and she’s right!)

That got me to thinking about people who prefer to do things in the conventional, established way as opposed to those who really enjoy finding out things like peeling bananas from the opposite end (obviously I am one of them).

Here is how Conventional vs Enterprising shows in your handwriting.

The Conventional Idea

The Conventional writer will tend to go with established ideas (peel the banana from the traditional end) and this will show in the lower case “e” being either closed or narrow.

open mind

Enterprising and Ideas

The Enterprising writer who is willing to think and do outside the box (peel the banana from the other end) will have large open spaces within the lower case “e” showing willingness to take on a multitude of new ideas.

It is of course, possible to have a mixture: open to different concepts to some extent and in some areas, but happier with the tried and true in other areas of life.

Conventional plus Acceptance

The Conventional writer often has pride and dignity in his writing. Both work together to make the writer conscious of and concerned about what other people think and how they respond.

They like to be within societal norms, so as not to raise eyebrows.

Pride shows in t and d stems 2 to 2 ½ times the height of the lower case letters.  Dignity shows in those t and d stems being retraced.

pride - independent thinking

The Enterprising Route

The Enterprising writer is unlikely to be too concerned with these issues, and much prefer to “march to his own drummer”. He will go his own way, and do his own thing.

That is not to say the Enterprising writer buck convention for the sake of being different, but rather that he will look for what he thinks is the best choice.

If that happens to fit with conventional wisdom he will be quite willing to go along with it, but if it’s different then that is fine too.

What may hold the Enterprising back from being enterprising is sensitivity to criticism.

Obviously stepping out and doing things differently can engender criticism.  So if this writer is very sensitive, he will temper his actions to avoid the criticism.


Sensitivity to criticism shows in loops on the t and d.

This is only the tip of the iceberg.

There are a great many other traits that will influence how conventional or enterprising tendencies play out in real life – confidence is one of them – but the above traits give a great indication of where a writer is coming from in their approach to tradition and the “accepted” approach.

Hungry for more?

If this whets your appetite for not only upside-down bananas, but also to find out more about what you can tell from someone by their handwriting, check this out.

coffee and bananas

And in the meantime, if you are eating bananas or having coffee with a friend, you’ll be amazed at what you can tell about them just by watching them write a few notes on a scrap of paper across the table from you.

Finding something you don’t want in your personality/ writing?
can help you eliminate uwanted traits from your handwriting and from your life.


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