Graphotherapy: change your life

How to Change your Writing and Change Your Life with Graphotherapy

By changing your writing and practicing the new strokes till they become your natural way of writing, you change your behavior to match the new writing. This is called Graphotherapy.

One Trait at a Time

But, as with any deliberate personal improvement, it is possible that over time you will start to slip back into your old ways, and here is the Added Benefit that this method of self improvement offers…


… even if you don’t consciously monitor your writing, you will notice if your old way of writing starts to reappear. This is the early warning signal that you need to do some more work on that particular trait.

To deliberately get the strokes back to the way you want, obviously the earlier you start to rework it, the easier and quicker it is to get it the stroke back to into your normal writing style.

Once one trait is established with reasonable security, you can then start to work on another, and then later, another.

Soon it will become second nature just to notice that your writing is staying how you want it to be.

By working on your personal development goals through handwriting analysis, you can monitor your change.

pen-writing in book

Once you’ve worked out exactly what it is you would like to change, you start to change your writing at the same time as setting and working on goals that use the “new you”.

In other words, as you develop your new “muscles”, you start using them so they strengthen and make a difference in your life more quickly.

Either way:

You CAN become the person you want to be

You can accomplish what you want to accomplish, ridding yourself of negatives that previous programming developed in you.

There are other ways of developing your personality as you choose, but Handwriting Analysis offers this extra bonus of being able to monitor your progress visually at any time.

A note to those unfamiliar with handwriting analysis:

Analyzing writing has nothing to do with “nice” writing!

Your writing may be extremely messy now, and may continue to be extremely messy if you want it to, while your personal change progresses unhindered.

You can develop the strengths you want with Graphotherapy .

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