Overcoming Low Self Esteem & Building Self Confidence

Do you suffer from low self esteem?  Do people tell you that you underestimate yourself?  Or do you feel that you could do so much more if only you had the self confidence?

The lack of self esteem can hold you back from living the life you want to live, of achieving what you want to achieve and from being happy and fulfilled.

Motivational books and tapes flood the market all with the same message; feel confident and you will succeed. Believe in yourself and you will find the road to money and success.

But it’s easier said than done.  How do you make yourself believe in yourself if you don’t already do so?

Your handwriting can help.

By identifying the traits that are holding you back, and working on these, through Graphotherapy, you can successfully eliminate low self esteem and move ahead to accomplish all the terrific things of which you are capable.

Identifying the source of your lack of self esteem

The first step is to identify exactly in what ways your lack of self esteem is showing itself.

Depending on how much you are affected by it, you may find you really have excellent self esteem in some areas/ ways, and very low self esteem in others.

This is good news -it means that you have fewer traits that need work!

But if you find you have many of the low self esteem traits, don’t worry.

You’re here, taking the first step to overcoming that problem, and all you have to do is choose one trait to start off with and work upon.

First you have to identify them from writing.

Then you can to change them.

In this article I will  explain how this really will raise your self esteem.

Here are 17 traits that show self esteem in handwriting

1. Self image


Have you heard the phrase “Your belief is your reality?  It’s true.

If you believe you cannot do something, you are highly unlikely to achieve it.

On the other hand, if you believe you can accomplish the “impossible.”

A good self image is critical to being all you can be.

2. Goal setting

Similar to number 1 in some ways, but shows differently in your handwriting.  If you only aim for the bottom rung on the ladder, you are unlikely to land on the top rung.

3. Desire for attention

Needing attention, needing the appreciation from others to bolster your self esteem drains you of your own power.  It holds you back because others are not often going to give you what you want or enough of what you want in the way of appreciation.

4. Narrow minded

Closing your mind to new ideas is a defense mechanism.  You feel you can’t deal with the new.  You are unsure that you can cope if things change. It takes confidence to take on the world, and embrace the new.

5. Sensitive /Over-sensitivity

Getting upset over small matters can hold you back. You will avoid putting yourself in the position where you might be hurt. Confidence makes others opinions of less crucial  importance to you when you know you are on the right track.

6. Self-consciousness

Being very aware that others might be watching you, observing and being critical of you will also hold you back.

7. Timidity

shy kittens

Scared to try.  Shy, retiring, lacking the confidence just to get out there and do it – whatever it is.

8. Feelings of rejection

Feeling that others will not love you/ like you/ respect you if you do not play by their rules is the fear of rejection. You don’t have the confidence to say “Here I am, whether you like it or not.”

9. Inability to make decisions

Indecision of often a lack of confidence in your own ability to make the right choice, or your ability to follow through and successfully complete a chosen course of action.  Indecision often mean nothing at all gets done.

10. Withdrawal

“If I hide away, I won’t have to deal with the world. Unlikely to be true, but in the meantime you are not doing what you want to do, you are not achieving what you could be achieving had you the confidence to just get out there and cope with life.

11. Stinginess

There is not enough to go around, so I have to hang on to what I have, is the stingy mindset.  But the problem with that is that you are so busy hanging on to what you do have that you fail to create more.  Confidence takes you past this.

12. Aggression

Demanding respect, pushing for recognition and attention, aggressiveness pre-supposes that you will not have these things if you do not aggressively go after them.

There is a place for pushing to achieve, but once it become aggression it has gone past it’s usefulness.

angry cat

13. Resentment

If you spend your energy resenting what others have or have done, you are taking time and energy away from achieving things for yourself.  It is always wasted energy and can alienate those who are the recipients of your resentment when they might have been allies.

14. Critical

Critical thinking has it’s place and it is a very valuable place.  Here we are talking about misplaced criticism when you cannot appreciate what could be appreciated because you are so busy being critical.

Analyze, but appreciate the good points too … you can consciously analyze good as well as negative.

15. Perfectionism

Human beings are not perfect.  When you strive for perfection you spend valuable time and energy trying to do the impossible.  Better to decide on an acceptable level of good work and move on when you reach it.

16. Self castigation

Self blame can cut you up inside. Blaming yourself for things over which you have no control. Blaming yourself for things that didn’t work out even although you genuinely did the very best you could do at that time.  An energy drainer, self castigation also holds you back from future actions when you consider that it might not be the right thing to do, and start considering the ways you might blame yourself for it later.

We are not perfect – if you do the best you can, you deserve no blame, so be as kind to yourself as you would be to others.

17. Yielding

Yielding is a good trait in moderation but when strong it is someone who is blown by every wind, who will follow in others footsteps without making their own decisions about whether or not this is something they want to do.

In its mild form it is easy going.  In its strong form it is a follower who shows no spirit or mind of their own.

Find out more about Graphotherapy.

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