Procrastination really is…

It is unlikely that when you procrastinate you are doing completely nothing.

So you are doing something.

So how can you be procrastinating?

The answer is obvious.

You are procrastinating because you are doing something else, something that is not so urgent or important as the thing you are putting off.

Sometimes we can convince ourselves that this other something is more important.  Or we tell ourselves the important thing is not really so important, or that we will have plenty of time to get it done later when in fact this is not the case.

This is Self Deceit.

The skill of convincing yourself that things are other than they really are.

This can be done consciously or unconsciously.

It usually starts consciously, but if you do it for long enough your subconscious gets in the act and it become an unconscious act.

Self deceit shows in writing by loops on the right side of circle letters.

self deceit

It can be used to delude yourself into believing that what is, is not.  Or it can be used conversely to trick yourself into believing that what is not, actually is.

It keeps you from dealing with problem situations.

It gives you excuses: “I was really busy all day doing ……”  But not doing what really needed to be done.

Concentration – good and bad

concentration rings

If you write with very tiny script you may procrastinate by finding something else that you tell yourself is more important and will concentrate on that will everything you have.


Concentration can be very productive indeed, provided you concentrate on the right thing!

Concentrating on one thing to avoid doing another is obviously not a great idea.

The tinier the script, the more ability the concentration has to shut out all and everything else.

The Multi-tasker – a little attention to everything

On the other hand, if you are a large script writer you may multi-task, finding an endless stream of things to do – perhaps all at once – to make it impossible to have the time for the one major task that needs done.

large writing

The other thing that may hold you back from the bigger jobs, if you are a large script writer, is that you live very much in the present.

You are the people who are most aware that “The present is all we have” concept.  That you cannot do anything in the past. That you cannot, at this moment, do anything in the future.  All you have is right now, this minute, to do anything and everything.

many phones

However if you write with large script you may have trouble with the other end of this concept, that what you do in the present can sometimes determine where you are in the future.

So you may have trouble getting down to work that does not provide instant gratification.  And many major tasks are long term projects.

All of these can be damaging forms of procrastination.

We feel we are busy, achieving something, while in actual fact we are still avoiding what really demands our attention.

These three indications above are not the reasons people procrastinate. They are the ways in which they achieve their procrastination.

The Solution

There is no easy solution.

No matter what size of writing you have, or what traits that indicate some form of procrastination you may use, everyone puts things off at some time or another.


Some things you might try:

  • Breaking the larger thing into smaller pieces so it is not so daunting can help.
  • Getting assistance – teaming up with someone else.
  • Telling someone what you are intending to do, giving yourself some kind of accountability often keeps you going.
  • Visualizing what it will be like when it’s completed and generating excitement in yourself for the finished result.
  • Writing out your goals, with a time frame for each.

Success Traits show in writing. They do not eliminate procrastination, but they do help motivate you to overcome it.

Graphotherapy can help you eliminate unwanted traits from your handwriting and from your life.


Tell me what you think.

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