Show your Independence

In handwriting, independence comes in three shapes and sizes, each with its own distinctive strokes and each with its own distinctive meaning.

You may have all.

You may have one.

You may have two.

You may have none of these strokes.

Check your writing to find your independence rating.

independent graphic

The first one shows in the capital I when used as the personal pronoun.

Another shows in the lower case t and d.

And the third shows in the signature only.

They all fit with the description of independent, but they play out quite differently in the personality.

Independence #1

First look at the personal pronoun I.

If it is written with no loops, either just a straight stick, or a straight stick with crossbars top and bottom, this is independence.

Any kind of loop, hook or tick will eliminate this meaning from the letter.


This writer will not lean on others, preferring to move ahead independently and enjoying the feeling of accomplishment from getting things done in this way.

2. Independent Thinking

When the t and d are extremely short, less than twice the height of the lower case letters, the other independence trait is showing.

It is independent thinking.  The shorter the letter, the stronger the trait.

independent thinker

This differs from the meaning of the stick-like capital I, in that this writer is more likely to discount others ideas and thoughts when making decisions.

Although not defiant necessarily (defiance shows in another stroke entirely) this writer is not interested in convention or custom if s/he has a better idea.

S/he will go their own way do their own thing regardless of what has been done for the past 200 years.

independence graphic

As you can imagine, this writer is not always the best team player and may upset others to whom convention and procedure is important.  However, sometimes the conventional is outdated and this writer can help bring new ideas into play in a traditional environment.

3. Self Reliance

And the last independence stroke is self reliance.

The self reliant writer likes to stand on his or her own two feet and then some.

This writer runs the risk of not asking for or accepting help when it could be beneficial, but on the other hand can be relied upon to just get on and do whatever needs done.

self reliant

Self reliance shows in an underlined signature.

Although not necessarily showing together, the underline and the stick-like capital I often show up together in the same writing.

Each independence stroke has its benefits and its drawbacks.

By knowing which you have and what they mean, you can watch out for the blind spots at the same time as taking full advantage of your strengths.

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