Signature different from rest of writing? Quick Tip #11

Many people comment on their signature being different from their handwriting.  They often ask what it means or if it means anything.

Yes it does mean something…

Your signature,is your external image.

It’s how you want to be seen.  Being the writing most often seen by the rest of the world, it’s your public face.

No matter what reasons or excuses you may have – and no matter how good or how convincing they are – it doesn’t change that fact.


Whatever can be analyzed from your signature related to the image to want the world to have of you.

The rest of your writing shows the person you are inside.

The real you.

When your signature and your writing are the same, the writer is a what you see is what you get type of person.

This does not necessarily mean this writer is open or even honest!  But it does mean that the true personality, with all its strengths and all its flaws, is the one that is shown all the time.

If this writer is honest and open it will show in their signature and the body of their writing equally well.  If this writer is dishonest and very closed and cagey, it will show in their signature and the body of their writing equally well.

The fact that both show the same does not in any way effect personality traits show – merely that both signature and the rest of the writing show the same personality traits.

Both strengths and weaknesses of this writer will show in both the signature and the body of the writing.

When the signature and the body of the writing are different, the body of the writing shows the real, at home personality and the signature shows the face s/he shows the world.

It may be from choice.

Some people in the public eye feel the need to assume a larger than life or more outgoing personality to fit their public position.  It may be an exaggeration of the real person or it may be a totally assumed façade for the cameras.

Either way, it’s just that, a façade  The real person is who appears in the body of their writing.

Some people tell me they changed their signature to make it more difficult to forge.

Well firstly, that is not a good solution.  A scribble is actually easier to fool someone with a forgery of, than a properly formed written signature.

But beyond that, when you changed your perfectly legible signature to something illegible, you did exactly what that means in graphology. You stopped communicating openly with your signature.

Writing that is illegible is lack of communication and that is exactly what the illegible signature is doing. It is closing the writer away for, supposed, security reasons.

The Why may be interesting, but it really doesn’t matter.

The script doesn’t lie.

signature sample

If you’re signature can’t be read, you are not communicating when you write it.

So no matter what the story behind it, the fact remains:

A signature the same as the rest of the writing means this is a what you see is what you get type of person.

A signature that is different from the rest of the writing means the face this writer is showing in public is different from the real, inside person.

Analyzing both the signature and the writing will show the personality of both the public persona and the real person within.

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