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A difficult word to tie down. It means something different to almost every individual on the planet. And it means different things to the same person at different times.

But one thing is common for all. It is a mindset. The determination to do whatever it is that will give you the feeling of achievement.

Some people have more of it in life than others. Some people equate it only with financial gain. Others achieve everything they want in life without earning a penny.

What is the difference between the person who has gained this elusive quality and the one who has not?

Then you have to know what you want, know what Success means to you and where to look. So take some time to think out what exactly success looks like to you.

Attitude is Everything is a common phrase. And not without good reason.

half full glass

Is the glass half full or half empty?
Your attitude determines which you see.

You attitude governs everything you do and how you do it.

Employers hire for it.

They also fire for it.

A good attitude can take you farther than almost any skills or abilities.

Once you have the right attitude, then you need to check out what abilities and personal skills you have that you can harness to gain what you want.

Being positive means you know what you want and can state it clearly and determinedly.

Positive as a trait in handwriting shows where the down-stroke to the baseline is written straight and direct, and then ends with a lift of the pen  No curve, no hook, no tail. Just the line straight to the baseline then finished.


Optimism is another trait that helps you feel positive.


This shows in lines of writing running up hill, and/ or t-bars going up hill towards the right.

Some personality traits will help you amazingly. Some will hold you back. Learn how to develop the ones you want.

It takes you through the steps to develop the traits that will help you be successful – whatever success means to you.

Perhaps you have Fear of Success?

fear of success

This trait shows in the endings of letters drooping down as shown above.

Fear of Success can hold you back, preventing you from doing what you want, even causing you to self sabotage when you get close to succeeding.

And here is how to identify Achievement Traits from handwriting.

Graphotherapy, the act of changing your writing to develop the personality traits you want and get rid of those you don’t want, can help.

Here are some Success Quotes to help you on your way.

They can because they think they can.  Virgil

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.  Thomas Jefferson

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.  Robert Collier

The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.
Frank Loyd Wright

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Be optimistic! Let your Handwriting help.

Be Positive



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