Teambuilding and Handwriting Analysis

Company teambuilding exercises are not always fun.

They are not always interesting or effective and it can be hard to get everyone on side.

Do you want a no-trouble, plug & play, totally unique, fun exercise for your group?

Enter Handwriting Analysis…

This is the fastest growing area of my business – people just love it!

If you’ve never considered Handwriting Analysis as a team building tool, here are some ideas that might connect with you.

  • Each person’s unique personality shows in handwriting.
  • Their strengths, gifts and talents show.
  • Their “quirks” show.

You can tell from writing where someone will fit and where someone will be a very awkward square peg in a round hole.

By giving a quick outline of each individual in fun, tactful, professional way, each participant learns to appreciate the others more.

cicle of paper people

And all that is needed is short reading of each participant’s writing.

This can be done from just a signature and a few lines of writing.

The entire group can be covered in a short, half an hour component of your event … or lit can easily be extended if you prefer.

And, best of all, it can all be done for you!

All you have to do is click the “Play” button and sit back and relax.

It can be done:

  • Remotely
  • Electronically
  • No travel expenses!

Sound good?  Here’s more of the how…

I have found that there is a far greater demand for this type of service than I can possibly hope to keep up with in personal presentations, plus there is the distance problem for some.


So I have developed the Audio Guessing Game.

Ideal for teambuilding or groups of all kinds.

  • I receive the writing ahead of time
  • create an audio mini reading of each writer
  • each writer is identified by a number
  • the organizer of the event has the list matching names to numbers
  • the norm is about one minute per writer.
  • the audio can be run right through or can be stopped after each reading.
  • the group listening have to guess who is who from the personality traits I describe.

The feedback I am getting from this is amazingly good.

Everyone seems to totally love it.

And it’s one less thing to think about for the organizer.

All s/he needs is an MP3 player of some kind, and the half hour (or how ever long they have chosen) is taken care of.

hammock feet

I will soon be adding a sample audio for you to listen too, but if you are interested in the meantime, please post a comment below requesting this and I will make one available for you immediately.

Comments are not published until I have “OK” them, so private requests will never appear on the blog and I will answer privately by email.

  • In smaller groups (up to about 20) it can be a guessing game for the entire group.
  • In a larger gathering, small groups can form and use it as a guessing game.

For more information on remote larger group presentations or in person presentation to any size of group, please contact me either by posting a request below in the comment box.

As mentioned above, comments are not published until I have “OK” them, so private requests will never appear on the blog and I will answer privately by email.

Whether people in the group are well acquainted or not, the presentation will be adapted to suit.


Information given is always appropriate for a business team-building group: light hearted, a little cheeky perhaps – in a kind, fun way – but never embarrassing or personal in nature.

Pricing varies obviously, since each presentation is customized and is purely based on a reasonable hourly rate I charge for my work.

So if you have a team building even coming up, I would love to be part of it, in voice only or in person if that fits geographically!

Give your teambuilding event Personality by using Handwriting Analysis!

Handwriting is also a terrific tool for Hiring.


Do you have a questions about writing?

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