Aggressiveness: Quick Tip #12

Aggressiveness has a negative ring to it.

To say someone is aggressive brings to mind someone pushing ahead without regard for others.

It can indeed be that, but that is not necessarily the case  Whether it is present in the personality, and whether is it a negative or a positive can be easily identified from handwriting.

Positively employed aggressiveness can be:

  • giving everything you have in you to win or succeed; being competitive
  • taking the initiative and moving forward with energy and enthusiasm to reach your goal
  • taking strong proactive measures to achieve or to avoid something.

The negative, and more widely understood meaning of aggressiveness is that of:

  • being extremely pushy
  • being physically or verbally attacking
  • showing a tendency towards unprovoked attacks, be they verbal or physical.

Some measure of aggressiveness is a benefit in some areas of life.

In competitive sports – and in all types of competition, for example commissioned sales – some aggressiveness can be a help.

However there is always an acceptable limit over which aggressiveness always become a negative no matter what the context.


In handwriting, mild aggressiveness can be described more as enterprising, willing to move ahead and take the initiative (although there also is a specific trait of Initiative.)

So when identifying this trait from handwriting, mild is probably positive, strong is probably getting into the realms of negative.

Aggressiveness shows where the lower extender of the g, y, p and j swing out from below the baseline towards the right, rather than the more conventional loop towards the left.


It has to swing out below the baseline.

In the letter p swinging out below the baseline is aggressive, while swinging out from the baseline is initiative.  If you think about it, they are both the same thing, just one is stronger and with more negative potential than the other.

aggressive - inititative p

So look for:

  • occasional aggressive strokes for the dynamic go-getter
  • consistent strong aggressive strokes for the pushy, competitive person who perhaps may have trouble recognizing acceptable boundaries.

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