EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique and Handwriting Analysis

Emotional Freedom Technique works fantastically well with Handwriting Analysis and just like Handwriting Analysis it is simple to use.

I have used it myself and find it an excellent tool to use either alone, or even more powerfully, in combination with Graphotherapy.

EFT involves tapping various charka points as you repeat phrases to yourself.  It works with the Chakras.

Chakras are places where energy is stored and sometimes get clogged – this tapping is a good way to clear them out.

EFT can be used for self acceptance, procrastination, stress relief, depression, anger, forgiveness and many other beliefs and feelings.

It helps release negative emotions or to instill new beliefs.

Often the two are combined as you release negatives and replace them with positives.

It is perfectly safe and easy to learn.

Combining Emotional Freedom Technique with Graphotherapy (i.e. changing your handwriting in a specific way to eliminate negatives and introduce positive) is a terrific duo, as one enriches and enhances the experience of the other.

Here’s how it works.

Using Emotional Freedom Technique in combination with Graphotherapy.

Let’s say you have low self esteem and want to increase that and become more confident.

Low self esteem shows in two ways in handwriting.  In a small personal pronoun I, and a small signature.

self esteem confidence

It can also be improved by raising goals but it would be advisable to do one at a time, since it is more effective and quicker to change one thing at a time.

So you would consciously make larger personal pronouns and sign your name larger.  You would write every day writing this several times over in the new way.

At the same time you would be using EFT and tapping daily saying the appropriate words as you tap, to achieve the same goal – higher self esteem, more self confidence.

It takes about 21 days to change a habit – and no matter how deep seated, or how shallow your beliefs, they are habits.

After 21 days you will probably find you are beginning to feel much more confident and sure of yourself.

Obviously if yours is a very deep seated belief it may take a bit longer but you will already be finding it changing.

Just keep up this routine, checking periodically as to how you feel, until you reach your goal.

The wonderful bonus of having handwriting as part of this self improvement duo is that if you start to slip back into your old ways, it will show very early on in your handwriting, (your personal pronoun and signature will start to get smaller again) and you can then restart your routine of tapping and writing.

For some people once it’s changed that is it for life and that goes for whatever changes they make in this way.

For others, they find they start to slip after a while. But by re-engaging in the  EFT and Graphotherapy routine immediately the slip starts, it’s much easier to get back to where you want to be, than if you didn’t notice till you were all the way back where you started.

I love this combination.  It is so powerful and yet so easy to use.

Being a handwriting analyst I use (and have used for years) Graphotherapy in personal development.

I have also used Emotional Freedom Technique myself with extremely satisfactory results.

I have worked with EFT Specialists in combining the two with clients. This has proved to be a highly effective process.

I genuinely believe that these two methods used together than release negative, limiting programming quickly and replace it with positive beliefs.

If your belief system is holding you back, if you don’t truly believe you can achieve the goals you want, if you have doubts in yourself, try EFT and Graphotherapy together as a tool to help you find freedom to reach your dreams.

Here you can find some fantastic EFT resources.

Here you can find out more about Graphotherapy.

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