Jealousy is an insecurity

Jealousy when seen in a small child, whose family has just grown to include a new baby, is easily identifiable as an insecurity  The child is worried that there won’t be enough love and attention to go around, and that they will receive less.

In adults it can be harder to recognize, but it still has the same roots. Someone else has, or is perceived to have, something the jealous person wants.

Identifying jealousy in your own or someone else’s writing can help deal with it.

Knowing from where the behavior stems makes coping with it more possible.

If it’s in your own writing, Graphotherapy can help you eliminate it.

If it’s in someone else’s writing, then knowing about it can help you address the problem.

How it shows

In writing jealousy shows with small knots i.e. tight loops that are so tightly wound the word know seems a fitting description.  These are found where the pen first touches the paper, most frequently at the beginning of m and n, both capital and lower case.


If these knots only appear occasionally, then noting what is being written about when they do appear, can give clues as to what the writer is jealous of.


If they appear consistently throughout the writing (which is very unusual) then this is just someone who has many insecurities resulting in feelings of jealousy.

Jealousy Positives

Jealousy, although not a desirable trait, can have positive effects.  It can make one work harder to succeed in any or all aspects of life from relationships, to financial success, to sports.

Jealousy Negatives

The negatives are more obvious.  It can create rivalry where it is not desirable.  It can create hard feelings.  It can make it very hard for the jealous person to value and appreciate others.


One of the great benefits of handwriting analysis is that it allows us to see the source of behavior.  Sometimes you can find that the behavior you thought was a result of one thing, turns out once you see the handwriting, to be the result of something else – changing your approach in dealing with it.

I have had this happen to me many times over the years I have been analyzing handwriting and I have yet to find it’s insights to be wrong.

And jealousy can be a very valuable trait to know about.

Handwriting can help with all aspects of Relationships.

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Fiona MacKay Young