Set & Achieve Goals like an Olympian

So what has handwriting got to do with the Olympics, you might ask?

Well, nothing directly, however Olympic athletes are obviously very good at setting their goals and keeping on going until they reach them and how you set and achieve your goals (or not!) shows clearly in your writing.

And the goood news is, if you don’t already have them, you can get them.

Here are some Olympic level goal setting traits.

Goal setting involves:

  • deciding what it is you want to achieve
  • identifying how you will get there
  • having the confidence to go for it
  • the determination to see it through
  • the tenacity to hang in there when things get tough
  • and sometimes a little stubbornness can help when everyone else is saying iit can’t be done.

I love the (anonymous) quote

Will those of you who say it can’t be done,
stop bothering those of us who are doing it.

And for some Olympic athletes, they have had to go that route to get where they are today.

olympic ski lift

Deciding what you want to achieve:

This means taking clear stock of the possibilities and the impossibilities and identifying what it will take to get there.

Taking clear stock involves clear thinking, and analyzing.  Sometimes an athlete’s coach will do much of this, but it’s still an integral part of the process.

Clear thinking shows in writing which has no lead in strokes.  This means you strip away all the unnecessaries, all the distractions and fine tune into what is really out there and what is the route to get there.


Helping in this clarification and resolution process is the trait of being analytical. If you think of a funnel into which you pour your ideas.  Good ideas can filter down through the tunnel coming out the other end as being valid and reasonable.  Bad or mediocre ideas get caught in the filtering process of the funnel and are discarded.


Sharp V formations at the baseline show analytical thinking.

The confidence to set challenging goals is shown in high t-bars.  The higher the bars, the higher the goals.

goals med to dreamer

That is until they go off the top of the t-stem then they are just dreams floating in the air.  Some dreams are good, but if all goals are dreams they are unlikely to be realized.

So high goals, perhaps a couple of dreams will show the goals needed to become an Olympian.

ski jumper

For most the road to the Olympics is gruelling.  No matter how much they may love their sport, it is unbelievably hard work.

This is where determination, tenacity and stubbornness come in.

Determination is shown in the lower extenders, the strokes that go down below the baseline on g, y, j and f.

The longer they are, the longer the determination will endure. The straighter they are the more direct the route the writer will take to achieve their goals.  The heavier they are the more strength behind the determination.


The lower extenders should end abruptly.  A fade-out stroke means that what happens to the determination- it fades out.

And the return loop, if there is one, should reach the baseline showing carry through.

A lower extender that goes off to the right, instead of curving round to the left (making a g look like a q) shows aggressiveness.


Some aggression can be good for Olympic level athletes, but not extreme – for obvious reasons.

Tenacity, which assists determination in keeping on going, shows in hooks formed immediately before the pen is lifted from the paper.  The more often these hooks appear, the more the tenacity.


And lastly stubbornness. Can be negative sometimes too, yes, but it works much of the time in the same way as tenacity does, helping the writer hang in there.


It shows in a lower case d or t which has a wide splay at the baseline.

So there you have just a few of the traits that help athletes achieve their Olympian dream.

They work just as well in daily life, helping us all achieve our more every day goals and well as our own personal Olympian dreams, whatever they may be.

Graphotherapy can help you move ahead and achieve more, however I am also a firm believer in the concept that more than one method, used simultaneously, can move anyone ahead faster.

Here is one other goal setting resources I have found and can recommend.  It comes with all kinds of aids, including visuals. This is most definitely a user friendly, fun to use way to set and achieve your goals.

Are your goals in danger of not being achieved? Try this.

Not guaranteed to take you onto an Olympic podium, but certainly beneficial in helping you achieve your goals successfully.

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Fiona MacKay Young