Wavy baseline in handwriting: Quick Tip #4

Wavy baseline in handwriting: Quick Tip #4

When you are writing on unlined paper, the baseline of your writing tells a great deal.

  • It can be very straight.
  • It can be uphill.
  • It can be downhill.
  • Or it can be gently meandering along with a undulating base.

When it’s up, down, waving gently along the line of script what does that mean?

Provided it is indeed a gently up and down, this is someone who responds to their surroundings, both emotional and physical.

This writer is flexible, adaptable and usually easygoing.

Other people have a great influence on how s/he feels.  They encourage or discourage; they motivate or de-motivate, they excite or bore.

This makes it especially important for this writer to be around a positive environment, more so than more for impervious people.

The problem with this type of writing is that the writer being so influenced by outside factors, may be inclined to jump from one thing to another, to blow with the wind and sway with the breeze.

This goes for relationships, careers, projects, investments – everything.

In a way it’s a wonderful way to be.


In another way it has it’s obvious dangers.

People who write this way could benefit from some help to stay on track, with goals or  visions boards that help them stay so attached to their desired outcome that they enjoy all that is going on around them, but don’t divert from the results they most want deep down.

They can benefit from having someone, a friend, family member or colleague, hold them accountable for things they consider important to achieve.

Or they can use tools such as goal setting and visioning tools to help themselves.


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