The Benefits of Writing by Hand

The benefits of writing by handThe Benefits of Writing by Hand

There are many benefits of writing by hand: it is more therapeutic than typing by any method (regular keyboard, thumbing on a phone, or using a touch screen pad), it is also more relaxing. It can be an excellent late evening activity to relax you before you go to bed.

If you have problems on your mind, it is well known that is you pose these problems to your brain just before you go to sleep you have a very good chance of waking up the next morning with a solution.

By writing these problems out in your journal just before you go to bed, you are relaxing in the writing exercise, you are keeping your focus on one thing, which is also relaxing to the brain (stops the wjhirring) and at the same time, you are giving your brain food for night time thinking.

Of course, if you have no particular problems to solve at the moment (lucky you) then writing your journal about how happy you are, how fortunate you are or about all the good things going on in your life, is also relaxing, uplifting and almost guaranteed to give you an excellent night’s sleep with sweet dreams to boot.

Plus because we are taking the time to write out the words, our concentration is on what we are writing so that we are more into the moment and thinking about the topic of our writing.

So when it comes to journaling, writing by hand allows us to express how we feel more freely and get in touch with ourselves more easily.

It is also better for remembering. When we write something down, we are more inclined to remember it.

By journaling problems, your thought processes are quite likely to come up with some potential solutions as you write. When your mind later tries to play tricks on you, the fact that you wrote it by hand originally, makes it more likely that you will remember the solutions you came up with, or at least remember you did come up with some, and you can then re-read what you wrote to refresh your memory if necessary.

One of the other benefits of writing by hand is that you are not connected to the Internet! So less distractions to your focus on the topic of your journal.

This is important.

To journal, you want to get really into what you are writing about, and let your mind and your heart open up and get down on paper exactly what they are thinking and feeling.

Re-reading later, you will be more objective, and may well see things in what you wrote that you hadn’t noticed originally. It may be ideas, it may be solutions to problems, or on a positive note, it may be you realize just how many good things are going on in your life.

And lastly, writing by hand in your journal is a fantastic way to take advantage to Graphotherapy, which is personal development through handwriting.

If you want to have higher goals, write your t-bars higher on the stem of the lower case t. If you want to be more optimistic, make your writing go uphill. These are just two of the things you can do with Graphotherapy there are hundreds.

Needless to say, if you are changing you writing to change something in your personality or character, you need to write! Journaling is an excellent way to practice the new strokes till they become natural, and at the same time get all the benefits outlined above from journaling.

And if you journal on the topic that you are working on with your handwriting changes, that is even more powerful.

It’s win win all the way. My advice is to journal.

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Fiona MacKay Young